Phoenix resident Mark Love always wanted to be different, so when it was time to build a Bomb for himself, he stayed away from the traditional Chevrolet brand. Mark opted on a 1935 Dodge Touring Sedan, as he knew this unique ride could not only separate him from the pack, it would also be a gorgeous Boulevard cruiser. His search was rather convenient as well, as when Mark found the car, he didn’t need to go far; the car was for sale locally in his hometown! Once it was home, it was ready to receive some love as Mark had big plans for his Dodge Touring Sedan.

The car was not in the best shape when Mark started, but it was a straight forward build as the car was complete and only had minor rust for being as old as it was. Finding the correct parts and all of the accessories was not cheap or easy, however. It took Mark a lot of patience and networking all over the United States and abroad to locate some of the ultra rare accessories that were added to this vintage cruiser. This car possesses every factory option offered by Chrysler in 1935; Front accessory dual side mounts with all of the accessory chrome, accessory horns, bumper, bumper guards, fender lights, stainless steel grill, hood ornament, accessory body moldings, vent windows, Peckit visor, sun visors, foot stands on the floorboards, flower vases, fender skirts, back up lights, bullet tail lights, wheel covers, military wheels, and a passing light that was designed to let the driver behind you know that it was safe to pass you.

With just 18 months invested into the build, this classic has already been turning heads as it competes in events and on the block with the best of our industry. When we asked Mark what would be next for his Dodge, he responded, “Nothing, as I’m planning on building another Lowrider.” This Dodge looks immaculate, but what lies next for Mark? Only time will tell.

Tech Specs

Nickname: Smooth Criminal

Make: 1935 Dodge Touring Sedan

Owner: Mark Love

City/State: Phoenix, AZ

Car Club: Oldies CC Phoenix, AZ

Suspension: Original suspension lowered 4 inches by re-arching the leaf springs to lower the body.

Engine: Stock 270L straight 6-cylinder flathead with a 3 speed transmission.

Paint: Dupont single stage black done by Dave Sanchez

Upholstery: Original design upholstered by Dave Sanchez of Dave’s Upholstery & Restoration.

Wheels: 16-inch Military Wheels

Tires: 16-inch Goodyear tires.