As Lowriders, we all have our preferences when it comes to our favorite cars to build. Some guys are Rivi guys, while others are Impala fans, and so forth. For thirty-five-year-old James Whiteway of Naples, Florida, his dream of owning a show-stopping box Chevy Caprice has finally been fulfilled. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, he grew fond of custom cars and like many Lowriders, he always admired the Chevy Caprice. After a move to South Florida, James intensified his search for a mint 1985 Chevy Caprice Classic on which to work his magic. He finally found one, located in San Diego, California, so James sent his brother, Alex, on a trip to check the quality of the vehicle before purchasing it. Once it was verified that the frame and body were in pristine shape, Peaches & Chrome began the long haul to James’ garage on the other side of the country.

What James thought would be a fairly straightforward build became something more difficult; after searching out local shops around his home to help him adjust the Chevy to his liking, none of them would touch the Caprice! All things happen for a reason, and a frustrated James decided to take matters in his own hands and learn how to customize vehicles on his own. He decided to enlist the help of local machine shops to find the parts he needed to complete his build. In the end, most parts were purchased over the Internet or phone but James and his friends would spend hours putting things together.

“I wanted to make sure the undercarriage was visible when I drove.” James tells us. For that reason alone he purchased a two-pump three-dump hydraulic setup that lifts the front and back high enough to get the bragging rights that his Caprice graciously deserves. Once the Caprice was perfected, James joined Rollerz Only Car Club, based on the reputation they have for their vehicles. On the weekend, “Peaches & Chrome” is the family car for his wife, Karla, and their two daughters, Crysty and Vivian.

James wishes to thank everyone that helped him along the way, including his wife, mother, Dee from Rollerz, Eddie from Latin Cruisers, Scott, and all the supportive Rollerz Only Car Club members. Naples, Florida might not have the quantity of show cars that most big cities have, but with James’ Caprice, it most certainly has the quality. Admittedly, James tells us “I’m not finished yet, I have a couple more things I would like to do.” With numerous Best of Show trophies, and several acknowledgments, “Peaches & Chrome” might be in the running for the top Chevy Caprice when James completes the final touches on this masterpiece.

Peaches & Chrome

Owner: James Whiteway

Vehicle: ’85 Chevy Caprice Classic

Club: Rollerz Only C.C.

Engine: The V8 350-c.i.d. and turbo 300 transmission adds plenty of punch with everything under the hood coated in chrome. An Edelbrock carburetor was added along with Headman headers.

Body/Paint: R Mays handled the bodywork shaving the doors, firewall side moldings and adding a custom sunroof. PPG Lamborghini Atlas Orange was used to coat the entire Chevy with House of Kolor gold leafing and pinstripe done by hand, laid out through the frame and body.

Interior: The interior was finished by Lotto’s Upholstery in Miami, Florida adding beige vinyl to the seats and panels. The dashboard was painted in orange and fitted in vinyl.

Setup: A two Hi-Lo Pro-Eliminator pump and three Adex & Delta dump combination lifts the Chevy with ease by way of the 8-inch Luxor cylinders in the front and 10-inch in the rear. A four-switch panel located on the dashboard is powered by six Interstate batteries painted to match the exterior.

Tires: 155/80-R13 Delta Majestic rubber

Wheels: 100-spoke 13x 7 OG Wire Wheels painted and gold leafed