The story of this car begins with a birth the same as all of the Chevys of its era; in a factory in Georgia, this legend was born. Metal was bent, stretched, and turned, while screws, nuts, and bolts were tightened. Lights were affixed, interiors installed, and wheels were mounted as this American classic was born and shipped off to a car lot.

In 1964, an American Diplomat walked into the car lot this beauty was parked in, saw the car, and fell in love. He shortly drove out of the dealership with the car of his dreams. The Diplomat received a transfer to work at the American Embassy in the Dominican Republic, forcing him to relocate his family, belongings, and his car. Six months after working on the island, he received a transfer to another country, chose not to deal with the transportation of the car again, and sold it; leaving this American beauty to be a resident of Santo Domingo, D.R., for more than 30 years.

The car deteriorated over the course of its stay, and in 1998, Luis’ father purchased the Impala for $2500. Word of the purchase reached Luis and he quickly flew to the Dominican Republic to see what his father had gotten himself into. Stunned, a blindsided Luis saw nothing but a project, and vowed to bring this car back to showroom status with a few modifications. For the next 2 years, Luis would frequently fly to the Dominican Republic to put in work on his dream restoration.

In 2001, Luis had the car transported to Miami and began to really spend time and effort into building his beauty. The car was pulled off of the frame and stripped to bare metal. Hollywood Car Classics installed new floors, quarter panels, a trunk lid, hood, and door skins. The car was then primered and painted Champagne Gold by Roy Collins of Hollywood Car Classics.

Jim McHugh had the task of putting the setup together. The installation included a Black Magic 2 pump whammy tank, 6 batteries, 4 dumps, and 4 switches. The rear upper control arm was replaced with a custom y-bar, manufactured by Mike at Bowtie South.

The car sat on the frame and 13″ Zenith wire wheels with Coker 5.20’s were mounted. The interior was ordered from Cars, Inc., and Kenny’s Upholstery put it all together. Once assembled, friend and club member, “Martian,” of Acrylic Concepts, was called in to do the custom sound and acrylic work. Every nut, bolt, and piece of chrome was plated by American Bumper.

With the help of his 25th Street Car Club brothers, this car came together. Finally, this beautiful, chrome and gold beauty was ready to hit the streets, but something was missing. A name! Luis needed a name, that signified everything he believes in while Lowriding; family, friends, and future. Thus the new ’64 was named, “Tradicion 64!”

Luis would like to thank his family, friends, and his beautiful wife for supporting him all the way through his build.

Tech Specs

Owner: Luis

Name: Tradicion ’64

Club: 25th Street Riders C.C.

Body/Paint: Frame off restoration by Hollywood Car Classics, including new floors, quarter panels, a trunk lid, hood, and door skins. Champagne Gold sprayed by Roy Collins of Hollywood Car Classics. Chrome by American Bumper.

Interior: Cars Inc kit installed by Kenny’s Upholstery. “Martian,” of Acrylic Concepts, added the custom sound and acrylic work

Set up: Jim McHugh installed a Black Magic 2 pump whammy tank, 6 batteries, 4 dumps, and 4 switches. Mike, at Bowtie South replaced the rear upper control arm with a custom y-bar.

Wheels/Tires: 13″ Zenith Wire Wheels wrapped in Coker 5.20’s