Model: Tamacina Lara

Hector “Oso” Rivera, is considered to be a living legend in the Lowrider scene, a culture that he has dedicated almost his entire life to. Born in the heart of Los Angeles, Oso remembers being infatuated with classic cars as a kid. His favorite memories involve going on shopping trips with his mother to East L.A., where he would remain on a constant lookout for Lowrider cars. The culture eventually began to surround him, and he fondly remembers noticing a group of older homeboys hanging out in the front of a house across the street from his elementary school. On any given day, as many as eight custom bombs would be parked out in the front of the house and Oso would always tell himself, “One day, I’ll have a ride like that!”
Sure enough, one day he did have his first Lowrider – a 1966 Chevy Impala. By 1979, Oso was hitting the cruise strips all over, from Whittier Boulevard in East L.A. to Crenshaw Boulevard in the South Central district. Oso ended up joining Thee Artistics in 1980. Shortly after that, an opportunity had risen for him to trade his ’66 for a ’48 Chevy pickup and that trade ended up being one of the best decisions he ever made. This truck went on to be his claim to fame, being featured in LRM and becoming widely known in the show circuit by its name, “Rapper’s Delight.” Oso then built another well-known custom called, “Still Rapping,” a 1950 Chevy Deluxe convertible. Although most people have gone to great lengths just to own one nice classic Lowrider, Oso was sitting on top of the world with two!

By about mid-2008, Oso expanded his custom car collection once again, acquiring this beautiful 1959 Chevy El Camino, a full restoration project that went on to take two and a half years to complete. On New Year’s Day, 2011, Oso made his “SoLow ’59” debut at the Majestics New Year’s Day get-together over at the Santa Fe Dam in Irwindale, California.
This clean, classic Chevy looks as good as it did when it came off of the showroom floor back in the ’50’s, but features the traditional Lowriding upgrades of chrome spoke rims, whitewall tires, and a custom hydraulic suspension. Just about every accessory option, though hard to find, was obtained by Oso, as he searched high and low to complete his latest creation on wheels. Some of the El Camino’s most rare accessories include chrome spotlights, a Dinsmore compass, chrome bedrails, hazard light switch, reverse lights, rocker moldings, rear bumper steps, grille guards, vent shades, power side windows, power vent windows, air conditioning, and even the original yellow California license plates! All chrome plating on the El Co was done by Bumper Choice and Metal Finishing in Los Angeles.

Oso is very content with his latest masterpiece, which is both a show car and a street cruiser. He sends big thanks to his fellow members of Thee Artistics Car Club, his daughter Desiree, and his wife, Gabby.

Tech Specs

Owner: Hector “Oso” Rivera

Vehicle: 1959 Chevrolet El Camino

City/State: Norwalk, California

Club: Thee Artistics

Engine: Abel’s Performance, located in the Boyle Heights area of Los Angeles, California built up the ’59 Chevy’s V8 engine.

Body/Paint: The famous “Buggs L.A.” of La Puente, California prepped the body for paint before laying down an elegant bamboo green finish, two-toned with bone white.

Interior: Tony, over at Covina Auto Trim in Covina, California made sure the interior was in the same condition it was in when it was brand new in 1959. The original patterned upholstery was mirrored to factory specs.

ICE: DJ Sounds in Norwalk took care of the audio necessities, installing a clean system consisting of a Clarion head unit, Fosgate amplifier, and pairs of Fosgate tweeter, mid-range, and woofer speakers.

Setup: G-Motorsports in Moreno Valley, California installed two Kool-Aid hydraulic pumps, with 8-inch cylinders up front and 10-inch cylinders in the rear. Four 3100-series deep cycle batteries power the setup, controlled by any one of the three dash-mounted switches.

Tires: Coker 5.20 whitewalls

Wheels: 13-inch Zenith