From the Southern California region, a couple of GoodTimes car club members have come together to showcase their clean custom rides. Both not only represent the car club well, the two men also do justice to luxury cars in general. Edwin Gallardo, of Los Angeles, and Big John, from Palmdale, were able to obtain these late model Lincolns and have put their own personal flavor into them. Their flare for design and building has yielded some of the most recognizable custom Towncars in the Lowriding scene today. Edwin’s design is subtler, focusing on a sea green paint scheme with plush leather and suede draping the interior and the inclusion of a rare Landau top, giving his Lincoln a throwback feel with modern amenities. In a three-year process, every inch of this Lincoln is covered in custom painted patterns and elegant features. Thanks to the work of Edwin and a shop owned by Malo called Ruthless Ryderz Garage, this ride was given the utmost attention, and the “Resurrected” beauty of this Lincoln is a testament to detail and design.

Big John chose a more bold approach for his 2004 Towncar, making his changes loud and clear. His Lincoln already stands out thanks to its candy red paintjob with contrasting gold leafing, but it is his ride’s stance that really catches attention out on the streets. John personally altered his suspension with custom built A-arms, trailing arms, a unique slip drive driveshaft, and a mind-blowing set of 22-inch telescopic hydraulic cylinders in the rear. When John locks up the back end, his gold-plated undercarriage is easily visible from any angle of the car. The forty thousand dollars and a year’s time he’s invested into “Bloody Money” has not gone unnoticed, catching not only the attention of Lowriding enthusiasts at local car shows, but also video production companies. You can see Big John’s ride bouncing along in the latest Progressive Insurance TV commercial! These fifteen-year friends help each other out when needed and they do what they do for the love of Lowriding, period. Edwin sends thanks out to Malo and Anthony “Sunshine” for their help in building his ride, the SoCal Good Times brothers, and his compadre, Cleto Sanchez. Special thanks also go to his wife, Wendy, for her support and her tolerance for all those nights he came home late after working on the car. Big John sends his thanks to Caryloco, George and Dre at Area 51 Customs, his partner, Hoss, and also his SoCal Good Times members. Great work, fellas!

Tech Specs


Owner: Edwin Gallardo

Vehicle: 1999 Lincoln Towncar

City/State: Los Angeles, California

Club: Good Times Car Club

Engine: 1999 Ford 4.6 V8, built by Toño of Lancaster, California

Body/Paint: Albert and Dre, of Area 51 Customs, in Bellflower, California, handled the bodywork and painting, respectively. The front-end clip was upgraded to that of a 2008 Towncar before the car’s entire body was painted a sea foam green color. Jessie Anguiano finished off the masterpiece with intricate patterns on the roof.

Interior: Luis, from Van Nuys, California, did the upholstery work, including upgrading the interior to that of a 2008 Towncar.

Sound System: Caryloco of How High Hydraulics, out of Lancaster, installed an Excellon double-din head unit, JBL Mono Block amplifier, Infinity tweeter and mid-range speakers, and JBL GTI Series woofers.

Setup: Malo, over at the Ruthless Ryderz Garage, in Lancaster, reinforced the stress points and belly of the frame before installing a two-pump hydraulic setup powered by six Optima batteries.

Tires: 155/80R13 whitewall tires.

Wheels: 13×7 Dayton 72-spoke.

“Bloody Money”

Owner: Big John

Vehicle: 2004 Lincoln Towncar

City/State: Palmdale, California

Club: Good Times Car Club

Engine: Stock 2004 Lincoln V8

Body/Paint: Dre, over at Area 51 Customs, prepped and sprayed a custom Zenith gold base and candy red finish. Manny, of Manny’s Auto Art, in Cerritos, California, added patterns, pinstripes, and gold leafing.

Interior: Juan, of How High Hydraulics, upholstered the interior with leather, suede and 22 stingrays.

Sound System: Caryloco of How High Hydraulics installed a Pioneer double-din TV head unit, a Hi-Fonics amplifier, Infinity tweeter and mid-range speakers, and JL Audio W6 woofers.

Setup: John at his shop, How High Hydraulics, installed two pumps, Adex dumps, and 10 deep cycle batteries into the Lincoln. A custom made front and rear end suspension, including unique control arms, A-arms, and 22-inch telescopic rear cylinders were also added.

Tires: 155/80R13 whitewall tires.

Wheels: 13×7 Daytons.