Considered an icon by many, the Chevrolet truck has had its place cemented in worldwide automotive cultures since the very first truck rolled off the assembly line in 1918. While many ‘30s to ‘50s models have been popular with Lowriders, a few creative souls have been willing to switch decades to build some incredible Lowrider trucks. One of those brave souls is Robert Rodriguez, Vice President of Groupe car club’s Orange County Chapter, and builder of this awesome 1963 Chevy Truck. This 30-year veteran builder, based out of Anaheim, pulled out all the stops on this build, which was a family affair thanks to his sons Steven, Daniel, Zandel, and Bobby, who shed as much blood, sweat, and tears as their proud father did building this beauty.

A builder since he was 17, Robert knew his work was cut out for him as he began with a bare chassis, sending the frame out for powder coating before he installed an Air Ride Technologies air bag setup with chrome suspension pieces that were chromed by United Custom Polishing, in Anaheim, California. The Chevy 350ci power plant was freshened up and accessorized with a slew of Billet Specialties by Robert, and given plenty of chrome by United Custom Polishing. He also made sure the manual shift Turbo 400 transmission was freshened up and able to handle the power output of the Chevy 350. A Flowmaster 3-inch exhaust system was mated to the power plant to get rid of the exhaust gasses and provide a nice exhaust note to the truck. With the core and suspension out of the way, Frank, from Frank’s Auto Body, in Garden Grove, California, made sure the body was nice and straight before he sprayed the aqua blue and white combination on the body panels. Mike Lamberson added his art to the truck including hand lettering the name of the truck, “Homegrown 63,” on the tailgate. Robert and the boys also made sure all the chrome pieces on the outside of the truck were re-chromed to compliment the fresh paintjob. Moving on to the interior of the ’63, Robert had Billy Dobbs cover the interior pieces in a gray tweed and light gray vinyl combination and create a custom raised letter headliner in the same color and material used throughout the cab. The interior was dressed up with custom gauges and billet accessories including the dash knobs, steering wheel, and glove box insert, and was finished off with an Alpine audio system installed by Robert and the boys. The final addition to the interior was the Groupe car club plaque in the back window. A set of 13×7 Dayton wire wheels were mounted with 5.20 Premium Sportway tires to complete the truck’s traditional Lowrider style. “Homegrown ‘63” took six years and a truck bed full of money to complete, but the time Robert and his boys spent working on the truck are priceless. The day of the photo shoot, the boys showed up to support their dad with the exception of Daniel, who is an active duty Navy Corpsman and was unable to make the shoot. Robert and his sons brought a portrait of Daniel to ensure that he would be a part of the photo spread. Although he has built many rides over the years, this one was special, thanks to his sons Steven, Daniel, Zandel, and Bobby. He would also like to thank Groupe car club (Orange County Chapter) for their support.