Brotherly love is one of the strongest bonds a man can have, especially when you only have one brother. 32-year-old Augustine Romero can look back with pride and love at his little brother, Benito. The two were inseparable as children and were building bicycles and model cars as early as thirteen years old. At sixteen, Benito purchased a rare 1977 Buick Regal, and the brothers worked feverously, building the Buick to show status. In early 2004, Benito was out with friends and the unthinkable happened; a gun went off and Benito was struck and killed. Augustine was devastated that his best friend and brother could be taken away from him and his family. The Regal remained at the house, a painful reminder to the brother he had lost. Finally, Augustine summoned up the courage and chose to use the Buick to carry on his brother’s legacy.

Benito had already handled the engine work, adding a ’76 Camaro motor to give the Buick a little more giddy-up, so Augustine took over the rest. The Regal was brought to Sam Henry at Sam’s Custom Hydraulics in Denver, Colorado, for the suspension work. A complete Black Magic setup was used to bring the prized possession to the ground and back to driving height at the touch of a switch. Henry Armendaris from Thornton, Colorado, coated the Regal with PPG Silver Lake Metallic Baby Blue and Navy Blue paint. Pancho, from Midwest Customs in Denver, Colorado, handled the interior work using baby blue vinyl and suede accents.

Finishing the Buick was a hard task but Augustine knows that his brother would have wanted him to finish it. Their mother Geraldine tells us, “It was the most difficult thing I have ever had to deal with,” adding, “but I’m glad his passion will live on for people to see and remember him by.” With two children of his own, Angel and Natalie, Augustine reminds them to always cherish one another. Benito’s memory will forever live on in the Lowrider community because that’s where his passion and dedication was. Augustine wishes to thank his family, his mother Geraldine, his brother, Benito, who will always look over him, and his Rollerz Only family that supported him through such adversity.

Tech Specs

“A Brother’s Love”

Owner: Benito & Augustine Romero

Vehicle: ’77 Buick Regal

City/State: Thornton, Colorado

Club: Rollerz Only C.C.

Engine: Benito added a ’76 Camaro 350-c.i.d. for additional horsepower with chrome accents.

Body/Paint: The body moldings were shaved and Henry Armendaris from Rollerz Only added layers of PPG Silver Lake Metallic Baby Blue and Navy Blue paint throughout the body. Alert Plating in Denver, Colorado, handled the chrome plating.

Interior: Pancho at Midwest Customs in Denver, Colorado pieced the interior together. Baby blue vinyl was wrapped with suede inserts throughout the cabin to match the exterior.

Sound System: Mike Brown from A+ Auto Tint added the bumps, starting with a Pioneer head unit that lays the sounds to JL Audio components, including a 12-inch W-6 subwoofer.

Setup: The suspension was handled by none other than Sam Henry of Sam’s Custom Hydraulics in Denver, Colorado. A two-pump, four-dump Black Magic hard-line setup was installed using 12-inch cylinders to the rear and eight-inch cylinders to the front. Six marine batteries make sure the Regal can hit all the moves from the eight-switch panel.

Tires: 175/70R14 Hankook Whitewall Rubber.

Wheels: 14-inch baby blue powder-coated Zenith Wire Wheels.