Within the pantheon of Lowriding, many different makes and models have come to light, and thusly; have come to be reckoned with on the Boulevard. Some of them are more commonly seen while others are not and Oscar Segura, of Costa Mesa, CA chose to take the road less travelled by resurrecting an unsung hero from the Boulevard days of the past; a 1977 Ford LTD! At first, many of his fellow Klique Car Club members gave him a hard time for getting a Ford since they are all bound by the Bowtie, but this car was a super clean two-door traditional ride and he reminded them that back in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s, many Lowriders rolled in rides like Cougars and Thunder Birds. Oscar’s plan was simple; he wanted to keep the LTD old school, just like how his club’s mother chapter (East L.A.) used to cruise way back in the day. Often times, guys will get caught up in being so modern that paying homage to the past becomes an afterthought, but Oscar is not one of those guys, and he vowed to make a statement with this Luxury Ford.

Oscar first found out about the LTD through his friend Saul, also known as “Mr. TruSpoke.” Saul explained that this ride was previously owned by a guy in Lifestyle Car Club, but that it was still in stock condition. The fact that it was in stock condition delighted Oscar and his old school sensibilities, but the sale price of $5,500 was a little higher than Oscar was looking to pay. One look at the beautiful Ford was all it took, however, and Oscar ended up making the purchase anyway. At last he was on his way to bring the past to the future!

Keeping things within the old school scope, Oscar opted not to get crazy with patterns and candy paint. Instead, he chose to keep things as close to stock as possible, in order to set the car apart from some of his previous builds. Thanks to fellow Klique member and friend, Pete of Anaheim Plating, in Anaheim, California, the chrome and metal parts that needed attention were given a nice plating and/or polishing job. Oscar then had the car repainted over at Big Al’s in La Habra, California with the original beige color. A hydraulic setup was installed and a set of old school 5.20 whitewall tires and chrome cross-laced Zenith rims finished off the look perfectly.

When Oscar put up his well-respected Klique plaque in the back window to represent his club, some people asked how the car was at the level to receive a plaque when it didn’t have the higher standards of custom paint and interiors that most Klique-plaqued cars usually have. Oscar explains that his LTD represents the club exactly how it used to be prior to 1988 when they won their first coveted “Lowrider of the Year” trophy. “Clean street rides were what Klique was known for,” Oscar says, beaming with pride.

In addition, Oscar has been with the club so long, he has definitely earned his right to represent an old-school ride at this custom level anytime. He has nothing more to attain at this point as he has proven himself with numerous fully-customized cars in the past. This classic clean LTD actually marks his fifth featured ride in LRM! Now, if that doesn’t show a well-respected custom car builder in the Lowriding community, nothing will! Oscar would like to dedicate this ride to the East L.A. mother chapter of Klique because without them, Klique’s Orange County Chapter wouldn’t be around today. Oscar has certainly given the club and those early days of Lowriding a proper tribute with this classic look, and we commend him for staying true to the old school that helped to make the culture what it is today.

Tech Specs

“Earned Not Given”

Owner: Oscar Segura

Vehicle: 1977 Ford LTD

City/State: Costa Mesa, CA

Club: Klique Car Club (Orange County Chapter)

Engine: Stock Ford V8 400-c.i.d.

Body/Paint: Alex Plascincia over at Big Al’s in La Habra, California took care of the necessary bodywork and pre-paint preparations before spraying the original beige color over the car’s exterior.

Interior: Juan El Pesado of the Pesado Tapiz shop in Garden Grove, California did some interior touch ups, but for the most part, the interior remained untouched and left in its original stock condition.

Sound System: Keeping things mostly original, Oscar left the stock AM/FM radio head unit in the dash.

Setup: Oscar’s fellow Orange County friend and hydro-guru, Herman, took care of the custom hydraulic suspension in the LTD by adding two chrome pumps powered by four deep cycle marine batteries. Four switches allow Oscar to raise the ride up eight inches in the front and ten inches in the back.

Tires: 5.20 Premium Sport whitewall.

Wheels: Zenith cross-laced all-chrome spoke.