We can always count on some of our car club veterans to bring originality to the forefront of our pages. As an original member of the San Diego, California chapter of the Majestics Car Club, Charlie Aguilar is no new comer to Lowriding, or to originality. At the age of 17, Charlie and his friends decided they wanted to start a chapter of the Majestics in San Diego, and that is just what they did some 23 years ago. In 1989, the San Diego chapter of the Majestics was born, and since then, Charlie and his fellow Majestics S.D. riders have created some amazing Lowriders; including his 1981 Cadillac “Vicious Luxury,” an October 1995 cover car for Lowrider Magazine. With a career spanning most of his adult life, Charlie has owned a number of vehicles. His collection has spanned a variety of makes and models, including Regals, Impalas, and Cadillacs. Naturally, his wide knowledge of car makes pushed him and his creativity to design something a bit different from the norm. A fan of Bombs, he knew he wanted a ’39, but decided to stay away from the classic 1939 Chevy Master Deluxe. In order to break the mold, Charlie set his sights on a 1939 Pontiac Chieftain.

While his goal was clear, a deadline for the project was not. Charlie’s desire to build a dream ’39 Chieftain yielded just one problem; there was no Pontiac in sight. While he looked far and wide for the Chieftain, his luck would surface not far from where his Majestics career began. After a year of searching for miles for a Pontiac to build, ironically, he found a ’39 just blocks away from where his Majestics chapter holds their meetings! He worked out a deal with the owner of the car and took the car home immediately to begin the restoration.

After a grueling three-year restoration process, the Pontiac was completed and the only thing left to do was to put the Majestics plaque that Charlie has had since 1989 in the back window. Happy to hit the streets of S.D. with something different, Charlie is glad that he chose to push the envelope, even if the build took him longer than he would’ve liked. Always humble, Charlie would like to thank his wife and children for their support on this build, as well as the many builds that preceded this one. He would also like to thank Mike D, Bird, and the rest of the San Diego Chapter of Majestics for their help and support. This is Charlie’s second feature in the magazine, and we can foresee a third feature if Charlie keeps building unique rides like this! Great work!.

Tech Specs

“Money Problems”

Owner: Charlie Aguilar

Vehicle: 1939 Pontiac Chieftain

Club: Majestics C.C. , San Diego

City/State: San Diego, CA

Paint: Fellow club member Mike D from West Coast Auto Body in San Diego, California prepped the body and sprayed the two tone Champagne & Brown color scheme onto the Pontiac. Rob Gagnon, from Lines and Designs in San Diego, California, added some pinstripe accents to the body.

Interior: Jojo, from Jojo’s Upholstery in San Diego, California, covered the Chieftain’s interior in tan suede from top to bottom. The color and material selection add to the overall classic look of the thirty-nine.

Stereo: Charlie installed a hidden audio system in the Pontiac to keep the classic look of the interior intact. An Alpine head unit was mated to two Rockford Fosgate amps that power an array of Alpine and Kicker speakers and subwoofers.

Engine: Charlie installed a 327ci Chevy motor between the front fenders and added chrome valve covers, fan, pulleys, and polished tubing. The 327ci Chevy moves the 350 transmission which is connected to a Chevy El Camino rear end and was also installed by Charlie. Charlie’s good friend, Mark Ramos, from California Plating in San Diego, California took care of all of the plating.

Suspension: Big Spike from Gator Customs in Bell, California installed the set up in the trunk of the Pontiac. The set up consists of 8-inch cylinders in the front and back with a whammy pump, three dumps, and six solenoids. The fluid moves through stainless steel tubing and four Majestics brand batteries power the system.

Wheels: 13×7 wire wheels in front and 13×6 wire wheels in the rear.

Tires: 13-inch White Wall tires.

Rare Accessories: Light view finder, Hull compass, cigarette dispenser, tissue dispenser, and interior fan.