Environment dictates future; just ask David Luquin, a Lowrider who grew up in the heart of Logan Heights where Chicano Park is located. Growing up in this historical area nurtured David as a kid, shaping him into the Lowrider he is today. “I grew up right in front of the park; so as a kid I used to sit with my friend Eddie Johnson in the alley that faced the park and we got to see all the Lowriders cruising into the park firsthand,” says David. At the age of fifteen, David got himself his first car, a 1982 Monte Carlo which he happily fixed up. “It kind of went on from there, I’ve had about eight Lowriders since then,” explains David, who has sold seven of them, leaving only this pristine ’63 Impala in his driveway. With that kind of a builder’s resume, David’s attention to detail and meticulous compositional sense have produced amazing results on this Impala.

David found the ’63 convertible online and took the trip to Los Angeles to go pick it up. “The car belonged to Tim Rodriguez from Lifestyle. The car was a real project, but I wanted a convertible really bad so I left him a deposit and came back the next week to pick it up,” says David. Not wanting to cut any corners on the project build, David took every nut and bolt off and restored the car from the ground up. “I had to buy everything separately, “ he says of the painstaking process. “I bought the frame, suspension, pieces for the convertible top, fenders, hood, trunk, doors and sheet metal. Once I had the parts I needed, I took the car to Robby from Imperials Auto Body, and let him do his work. He’s the one that changed everything on it.” With parts in multiple locations receiving attention, it took the rusted Impala only a year and three months to make its transformation.

“We barely made it to last year’s Las Vegas Super Show,” David says with a laugh. “My brakes weren’t even working when the transporter got there and we worked on it without any time to test it out when we loaded it on the transporter.” The whirlwind build was worth it, as the car drew plenty of attention at the show.

David would like to thank a fellow Majestics member, Miguel aka “Silver,” who put the whole car together after it was painted. “He worked on it everyday after work until he put it all together.” Thanks are also in order to fellow Majestic San Diego club members Mike D, who painted the car, as well as Bird, Charlie, Ben, Carlos, Losano and the rest of the members that helped out. A special thanks goes out to his wife and kids for helping out and putting up with him. Nice work, David!

Tech Specs

“Sexxxy 3”

Owner: David Luquin

Vehicle: 1963 Impala Convertible

City/State: Chula Vista, CA

Car Club: Majestics

Engine: Chipirul of Rojas Auto Repair in Chula Vista, CA., took care of wrenching away at the 350, while Romero’s of El Cajon, CA., handled all the chrome work.

Body/Paint: Imperials Auto Body took care of molding the firewall and changing the floors and trunk. Mike Davey of West Coast Auto Body and Paint laid the Lilac color on the ’63. Rob Ganon, of San Diego, added the fine pinstripe work while Sal from Orange County added the mural of the city of San Diego with a picture of David’s wife.

Interior: Friendly’s Upholstery of El Cajon, CA., took care of stitching the ultra leather on the custom Altima seats. A molded dash was also added to the interior.

Sound System: Ben Zuniga installed the Alpine head unit with Alpine tweeters, subwoofers and amps.

Setup: Eddie from Big Kidz in San Diego, CA., installed the two chrome Black Magic pumps that are controlled by four switches.

Tires: 13-inch skinny White Walls.

Wheels: Color matching 100-spoke wheels.