Lowriding is a culture that has spread far and wide over the years and our neighbors to the North certainly have taken their cue and represented the culture in their own way. While there weren’t many Lowriders around when he was a kid, there was a Lowrider Magazine; so Dan Drofenik frequented any local store that carried it in his Canadian hometown and read it to gain some insight on a culture that would eventually steal his heart. After only thumbing through a couple of issues, the young Canadian vowed to build a car like the ones he saw between the pages. “We really didn’t have Lowriders over here (Canada) at the time, but I thought they were really cool, and I wanted to build one,” explains Dan. Like most of us, Dan began his career by building Lowrider bicycles before moving on to cars. “There’s a beach called White Rock Beach in Canada that is on the border with Washington State; that’s where we would all go to cruise,” says Dan of his early days.

Dan purchased the Lincoln being featured here from Oregon. “I redid everything on that car, except for the paint,” he says with pride. The Lincoln’s original owner was a man by the name of Eddie Sletitka, who prepped and painted the Lincoln a House of Kolor Tangerine. Dan also outsourced the murals and pin stripe work to Taroz and Brad Ericson from British Columbia, respectively. Dan upgraded the engine himself by adding a chrome air filter and valve covers to the 351 Windsor motor. He also redid the interior himself, along with the sound system and set up, which included two chrome Hijacker pumps with six batteries which fed into his own custom hard line work. All said and done, it took him three years to get the car to the level it’s at now. “I even had the pin stripes removed and added new ones,” he says. The car still isn’t finished, as Dan would still like to chrome out the undercarriage on the car.

This Lincoln is not the only one in his stable, as he has four in his garage in total. “Two of them are Mark VIs, one is a Mark V, and one is an ‘81 two door Towncar,” says Dan with pride. His taste for Lincolns grew because they were rarely seen in his area, and he wanted to stand out. “Everyone around here had a Chevy and almost no one had a Ford,” he explains.

While his Lincolns were different from the crowd, so were Dan and his good friend, Gene, who had trouble assimilating into the different car clubs they belonged to. Frustrated, they decided to break free from their clubs and start one of their own. After doing some research, they looked around Layitlow.com and saw a few different car clubs, but Luxurious car club was the one that caught their eye the most. “They seemed like the most family-oriented car club, so we ended up contacting Paul out in San Jose and everything went smooth from there,” Dan states. The two ended up receiving membership, and you can now see the Luxurious plaque in the back of Dan’s Lincolns.

While this build certainly took some time, Dan remains committed to his club and to those who lent a hand in this amazing creation. He would like to thank the whole Luxurious family and send his gratitude to all of the people that actually helped him out with the car.

Tech Specs

“Sloppy Seconds”

Owner: Dan Drofenik

Vehicle: 1980 Lincoln

City/State: British Columbia, Canada

Club: Luxurious

Engine: Dan added a chrome air filter and valve covers to the 351 Windsor.

Body/Paint: Eddie Sletitka from Oregon was the original owner of the Lincoln, and being an auto body man, he prepared the bodywork and painted the Lincoln a House of Kolor Tangerine. Taroz did the murals and Brad Ericson from British Columbia added pin stripes.

Interior: Dan reworked the upholstery in the Lincoln himself with a vinyl blend. He kept the original pattern for a stock look, while the designs in the backseats were laser-burned onto the seats. Carlos Salas, out in Pasadena, CA., engraved all of the interior trim including the steering wheel.

Sound System: Since he didn’t have any room for subs, Dan upgraded all the stock speakers and added an amplifier.

Setup: Dan installed the two chrome Hijacker pumps with six batteries and added the hard lines himself.

Tires: 155/80R13.

Wheels: OG Wire Wheels with engraved knockoffs.