There he goes” Noe Morales used to think to himself. As a five year old, he used to watch his older brother, Frank, cruise up and down their neighborhood streets in his 1952 Chevy Deluxe. The car had been a bargain for the boys’ father, who purchased the Chevy in the early 1970’s for fifty dollars and later passed it down to Frank. Seeing the ’52 rattle up and down the block was an eye-opening experience for the young boy, and one that would ultimately help to shape his life forever. Noe used to jump in the ’52 and go for rides with Frank, spending an occasional afternoon with Frank and his friends listening to Oldies and cruising around. Frank wasn’t Noe’s only older brother who loved cars, either. In fact, he had another older brother, Juan, and Noe would often go over to his other older brother Juan’s house to help him work on his cars. Luckily for Noe, Juan always had a project, so he gained a ton of experience in automotive repair. Noe’s older brothers’ influences furthered his love for the classic Chevrolet. As he got older, he vowed to one day have a Bomb of his own.

As fate would have it, the same year the car that started his Lowrider infatuation, also served to further it; Noe’s parents bought him his first car, a 1952 Chevy sedan when he was 15. When he first got the keys, the ‘52 had a primer covered exterior with four layers of paint. The car also carried a white interior and its chrome was intact. While it certainly needed its fair share of work and was in project condition when he got it, Noe was just happy that the ’52 was a Bomb, and he promised to fix it up. No sooner than it was in his garage, Noe bought some paint stripper and began to work on removing the paint. His friends would come over and help him primer the car after the body panels were stripped down to bare metal. An amazing first project, Noe restored the car and ended up keeping it for twenty years. Noe’s next project was to restore a 1937 Master Deluxe, which he found in Minnesota in 2002. The car was fully restored and is still in Noe’s possession. While he fully enjoyed the ’37, he got the itch to build yet another Bomb, and began the hunt for his next project. Upon the suggestion of his brother in law, Noe located a 1949 Chevy convertible in Michigan in 2005. He purchased it, and restored it to his standards. To this day, he holds the keys to the amazing ’49 Chevy pictured here.

Ever the bomb enthusiast, Noe joined Bomb Connection Car Club in 2008 and hasn’t looked back since. The club is family oriented, which is perfect for Noe’s daughters; Christina, Natalie, Valerie, and Kristen who, like Noe, have a special connection with the Bomb culture.

Noe wishes to acknowledge and thank his parents for buying him his first Bomb and passing onto him the love of vintage automobiles. He also extends his gratitude to his brothers for taking him cruising and showing him how to work on cars, and sends his best to his childhood friends for all of their help along the way. Lastly and most importantly, Noe thanks his wife and daughters for their love and support, as well as his club, Bomb Connection, for their continued support and friendship. We here at Lowrider Magazine would like to thank Noe for sharing his story and his beautiful convertible.

Tech Specs “Bonnie”

Owner: Noe Morales

Vehicle: 1949 Chevy Convertible

Club: Bomb Connection

City/State: Bellflower, CA

Paint: Two-stage Black by Jose Chavez at All Glass Body, Long Beach, CA.

Interior: Alex Ulloa from Ulloa Upholstery in Compton, California redid the interior and top using a black-on-black theme. It has an updated yet classic look.

Suspension: Tony Lopez from Barnyard Customs in Norwalk, CA., added the airbag set up that allows the ’46 to lie close to the ground, while still being able to raise the front and back to clear those steep driveways.

Wheels: 15-inch Original Chevrolet.

Tires: 15-inch Denman Tires.

Accessories: Continental Kit and Compass.