Jerry Lamm

1986 Buick Regal

Car club
Connected Car Club

As some of you know, Jerry Lamm is well known for his car dancers. He has competed for over a decade in the Lowrider scene with his famous Monte Carlo. Even the great ones have to switch it up sometimes, so Jerry has taken on a new project; an ’86 Buick Regal he calls “805 Style.” With a Mint Green and Ice Pearl paint, pin striping, chrome undercarriage, molded upper and lower A-arms, murals, gold leaf, white interior and 13-inch chrome and painted rims, this new hopper is as fashionable as it is functional.

Having been a member of Connected Car Club from Ventura County for the past three years, Jerry knows what it takes to build a low-low good enough to compete in the shows and on the streets. In fact, the setup on “805 Style” was built by Jerry himself. The trunk is equipped with a single Black Magic piston pump/Adex dump combination with 12 group 31 series batteries, each one pushing 1160 cold cranking amps, from nine solenoids. The setup also connects a #8 hose to a Black Magic Y-block to two #6’s, with 8-inch and 18-inch chrome cylinders. Four switches control the setup, and to handle the inches, the frame has been fully boxed in.

It took Jerry and his crew of friends five months to complete this project, as they spent countless hours in trying to build a setup that could hop over the competition. Now that the car is complete, Jerry can drive his car to a show, and still hit the back bumper at 65 inches.

What’s next for Jerry? Well, he is currently working on a ’91 Cadillac, which is designed to be a show car cruiser, but he will continue with his passion of hitting back bumpers. We will just have to wait and see if it will be a single or double pump. So far, all Jerry is willing to tell us is that it will be juiced with 14 batteries. Stay tuned!