Since it’s not a Chevy, the car is going to look ugly.” This sentiment seemed to echo all around Jose Gomez, thanks to his willingness to step out of the traditional build box, which he did all too well with this gorgeous ’37 Hudson. The skepticism only drove Jose even further into the build, and in the end, he was left with the last laugh. “Once we got it going, everyone started liking it because it was something different,” says Jose with a smile.

Like many builders, Jose has been on the Lowrider trail for years now, beginning his infatuation in the late ‘70’s, when his older brothers, Cris and Tony, owned Lowriders. “They would let me tag along with them to shows and cruises,” explains a grateful Jose. Jose moved from Lowrider bikes to cars, but it wasn’t until later on in life when his older brother, Arturo, gave him a ’48 Fleetline that Jose got into Bombs. “He told me not to sell it, so I had to fix it up in order not too sell it,” Jose recalls.

His brother, Cris, was looking around for a “gangster” car, and Jose happened to spot the ’37 Hudson for sale out in a field in Hayward, CA. “The paint and interior were all gone, but the car ran and the body was in decent shape” says Jose. After Cris purchased the Hudson, it sat for a couple of years before he had Jose paint it white for him. “Cris wanted to sell the ’37 Hudson because he didn’t have any room for parking where he was living at,” says Jose. Good fortune for sure for Jose, who bought it at a cheap price and in a payment system.

Again, the Hudson sat for a couple of years before Jose started working on it. “It’s hard to find parts because they don’t make any catalogs for Hudsons like they do for Chevys,” explains Jose. Feeling that the white paint job made his Hudson look like a Rolls Royce, Jose decided to repaint it and add skirts. When Cris saw how the Hudson was coming along, he wanted to buy it back from Jose, but by then, Jose was too involved in the rebuild and didn’t want to sell it back. It took Jose two years to get the car out on the streets.

Jose has been a member of the East Bay chapter of Viejitos since its inception four years ago. Since the Hudson debuted, it has only attended a hand full of local car shows, but has certainly earned Jose the respect of his club and the streets.

Jose would like to thank everyone that helped him build the car, and send an additional thanks to Tom from T&W Hydraulics of Hayward, CA. Jose would also like to extend his undying gratitude to his wife and two kids for always supporting him in his car building career.

Tech Specs
“’37 Hudson”

Owner: Jose Gomez

Vehicle: 1937 Hudson Terraplane

City/State: Dublin, CA

Car Club: Viejitos East Bay

Engine: Miguel Maldonado, from True Elegance car club out of San Leandro, CA., put together the Chevy 305 engine and the 350 transmission. Norm Hunter rewired the ’37 Hudson.

Body/Paint: Jose Gomez did the bodywork on his Hudson while Miguel Maldonado added the skirts and molded the fenders. Robert Acosta helped to put the front end together. Jose from Jose’s Custom in Hayward, CA., gave the Hudson the two-tone paint job, and the Delgado brothers out of San Jose, CA., finished it up with some fine pinstripping.

Interior: George Dominguez, a fellow Viejitos car club member that passed away, did the interior.

Setup: Tom Jimenez, from T&W Hydraulics out in Hayward, added the two Showtime pumps and three batteries in the trunk with eight-inch cylinders in the front and back.

Sound System: Tim Aguilar, from Manteca, CA., added the stereo in the glove box and amps under the seats.

Tires: P155/80R13.

Wheels: 13×7-72-crossed laced and engraved Zeniths from Wire Wheel King.