Much like the product of the same name, “Cuervo Gold” has provided the inspiration for countless memorable moments over the years. This is definitely the case for thirty-year-old Adam Vigil from Pueblo, Colorado, as his ‘84 Buick Regal “Cuervo Gold,” has earned him the respect and bragging rights of his peers. At the age of seventeen, he first purchased the Regal and used the knowledge he had at the time to push the car towards a show status build. Unfortunately, his experience did not match his aspirations, and he was forced to strip the Buick down and start over.

Like a painter that is never satisfied, Adam decided to step up his game and rebuild from the ground up. With the help of his good friend, Carlos Cordova, Adam removed the body from the frame. Pueblo Powder Coaters added a custom Kandy Raspberry, which captured a bold look, something Adam was looking for. Romero’s Integrity Auto handled all of the car’s Gold plating, and Alert Plating and Polishing took care of the chrome work. Carl Gonzalez helped by putting the body back on the frame. The next step was adding the hydraulic lifts, with Carlos and Adam installing a unique two-pump, four-dump Fenner hydraulic setup that lifts the Regal high enough to showcase the pristine undercarriage.

The Buick was brought to James Butch in Pueblo, Colorado, where he added a rich Harlequin painting that highlights Magenta, Gold, Green and Orange in a chameleon effect. George Weldon was enlisted to lay down the Gold leaf, which flows down each side of the body and accents the trunk and hood. He also added some creative pinstriping. Adam relied on his audio skills once again and installed a full stereo setup outlining the suspension setup in the trunk, using three 12-inch Crossfire subwoofers and mirrors to add the doubling effect.

Adam then brought the Buick to Frank’s Upholstery in Pueblo, where Frank Talmich added brown carpeting and installed patterned camel-colored suede throughout the cabin and trunk lining. His car club “Sweet Dreams” was stenciled into the dashboard to stand out. Andy Lavato took the reins on the motor, rebuilding the heavy V8 and having parts chromed and gold-plated for show. The last step was adding a perfect set of wheels, and, Adam chose all gold Dayton Wire wheels with chrome hexagon centers.

As the Vice President of Sweet Dreams C.C., Adam’s “Cuervo Gold” has made its mark by finally grabbing a top place trophy, and he has exceeded all expectations that he had for his Buick. “I wanted to know how the guys in the magazines could build cars at that level,” Adam tells us. “It may have taken a couple of tries, but I am very proud of my accomplishments.” Adam’s sons AJ and Cruz, are already becoming involved in custom cars, and will undoubtedly carry on the successful Lowrider tradition for the Vigil family.

Tech Specs
“Cuervo Gold”

Owner: Adam Vigil

Vehicle: 1984 Buick Regal

Club: Sweet Dreams C.C.

City/State: Pueblo, Colorado

Engine/Drivetrain: The V8 350-c.i.d. was rebuilt by Andy Lavato of Pueblo, Colorado. The chrome plating was done by Alert Plating and Polishing in Denver and the gold plating was done by Romero’s Integrity Auto in Pueblo.

Paint/Body: After blocking the car down to smooth, straight lines, the car was given to James Butch of Pueblo, Colorado who laid down Harlequin paint that flips from Magenta to Gold, Green and Orange in a chameleon effect. James added gold leaf and other pinstriping that brings to life the paint in the sun.

Interior: Frank from Frank’s Upholstery took the stock interior and reupholstered it with camel-colored patterned suede, complete with “Sweet Dreams” stenciled onto the dashboard.

Sound System: Adam decided to create his own concert inside the Buick, adding a Kenwood flip-out head unit that runs to the Diamond components in the cabin and pounds the three 12-inch Crossfire subwoofers. A Rockford-Fosgate 500-watt amplifier makes sure the system can be heard around the Pueblo Mountains.

Suspension: The dream team of Adam and friend, Carlos Cordova, added the two-pump, four-dump Fenner hydraulic setup using 8-inch CCE cylinders to the front and 10-inch to the rear. Four Energy Power batteries give enough juice to the 10-switch box that was wrapped in suede in the interior.

Tires: P155/80R13 Classic Radial rubber.

Wheels: All-Gold Dayton Wire wheels with chrome hexagon centers.