Herman Oliva, of Oxnard, California, is no stranger to having some awesome Lowriders. Already on his resume are two previously featured rides; his 1961 Impala hardtop called “Corona Cream” (in the November 1995 issue of LRM) and his 1961 Impala ragtop “Undisputed One” (LRM’s cover car on the May 2005 issue). Today, Herman owns a ’62 Impala, and if that’s not enough already, he also has the keys and the bragging rights to this beautiful ’57 Chevy Bel Air ragtop!

Herman first acquired this rare convertible coupe about five years ago, when one of his friends sold it to him for just the right price. It was in an all-original condition, but Herman wanted to take it to the next level, making sure it had his personal touch; he wanted to make sure it was one of the cleanest classic rides to be driven on the Oxnard streets and beyond! The suspension and engine were completely restored to the condition found on this beauty back in 1957.

Keeping things within the original realm, Herman looked for a rare, but stock exterior color option for the ’57 Chevy. This “Dusk Pearl” color code was ultimately located after a little investigating, and this ended up being the new color coat for Herman’s car. Having the eye-catching Pink color tone, Herman gave the obvious moniker to his ride: “Pinky.”

Just about every optional accessory available for the ’57 Bel Air is found here. Searching high and low, with no expense spared, Herman was able to obtain the flame out ash tray, power windows, power antenna, power seats, complete original air conditioning system, rear bumper continental kit, chrome spotlights, electronic eye for high-beam cancellation, and the white compass face, which is exclusive to the ’57 Chevy. Herman also added the Wonder Bar radio and color bar. Sergio, over at Metal Finishing in East Los Angeles, California, added his finishing touches of luster for all-chrome plating needs.

Herman gives thanks to all who were involved in the build-up of “Pinky,” and he gives a special thanks to his fellow South Side Car Club member, Chino. Even though the club is based in Los Angeles and Herman is the only member from Oxnard, he has no objections to driving the sixty-plus miles to meet up with the members. Herman takes his ’57 on the freeway out to L.A., Long Beach, and other distant communities. He says his ride was built to be driven, and that’s the way it’ll always stay ― undisputed words coming from a true and proven rider!

Tech Specs

Owner: Herman Oliva

Vehicle: 1957 Chevy Bel Air Convertible

City/State: Oxnard, CA

Club: South Side Car Club

Engine: Herman’s father built the 283-c.i.d. V8 engine right, making sure everything was on point and running smoothly.

Body/Paint: Herman wanted to keep things O.G. and asked “Maestro” of Torrance, California to use the stock, but rare GM Dusk Pearl PPG paint finish.

Interior: Using the stock kit, Freddy of Bowtie Connection in Torrance, California wrapped up the door panels and seats in a white and gray color scheme.

Sound System: Gordo at 562 Kustomz in Paramount, California installed an Alpine head unit, Alpine tweeter and mid-range speakers, three 10-inch Rockford Fosgate woofers, and two Rockford Fosgate 600-watt amplifiers.

Setup: Herman has opted to keep the suspension stock at this time, but that doesn’t mean it was untouched. Bowtie Connection in Torrance totally reworked the stock suspension with new or rebuilt-to-new-specification components.

Tires: 155/80R13 Hercules whitewall.

Wheels: 13-inch 72-spoke Dayton with Zenith knock-off.