Not many vehicles carry the legacy that “Blood Bath” has earned throughout the streets of Florida. Thirty-five year-old Willy Sanchez, of Hialeah, Florida, was born in Cuba but arrived in Miami when he was a teenager. He began enjoying his newfound freedom and began working for a construction company his father had just started building. Anxious to purchase his own vehicle, Willy worked hard until he had a decent stash of money saved and he found an ‘85 Buick Regal, which he instantly purchased. Nobody quite knew what Willy had in mind for his new daily driver, but it was clear that his Lowrider passion started with this vehicle.

Spending his weekends cruising the Miami hotspots, he started visualizing his Regal as a pure street king. He decided to remove the Buick’s top to allow the perfect Florida weather in. He brought the Regal to a shop where the top was removed. Not happy with the quality of work, Willy and his brother Roamy decided to research convertible tops. With the help of friends Eric and Craig, the brothers welded and added a full custom electric convertible roof, made from using a Cadillac Eldorado top. “It was kind of like a switch went off in my head,” Willy tells us. “I decided no more shops, I will do all the work myself.”

The brothers sectioned off a spot in their backyard and began learning as they built. His friend Craig “Gringo” Coon stepped in and coated the Buick with House of Kolor Kandy Apple red and laid down graphics throughout the body. Willy began to prep the body to capture the king status by reinforcing the steel on all four corners and building a custom rear lift. For the next step, Willy and Roamy installed a powerful Showtime hydraulic setup that would launch the Regal straight to the back bumper. The stock motor was pulled out, chromed and reworked by Willy, in order to add additional power. With the new convertible top making the cabin more visible, Willy and his brother decided to gut the interior and add red tweed with leather inserts to match the exterior.

Willy has earned the respect of the streets by traveling all throughout the state competing in hydraulic contests. “She is no trailer queen, “Willy says with a grin, “I didn’t build it to tow it.” Willy’s wife, Milly, has supported him every step of the way, even barbecuing every time the boys would spend hours in the backyard working. Their three children William Jr., Eddy, and Milly have embraced the culture that Willy loves and are proud observers at all the Lowrider events. As the President of Classic Angels C.C. out of Miami, Florida, Willy has a lot to live up to, and his reputation for hard work has certainly spoken for itself with “Blood Bath.”

Tech Specs
“Blood Bath”

Owner: Willy Sanchez

Vehicle: ‘85 Buick Regal

City/State: Hialeah, Florida

Club: Classic Angels C.C.

Engine: Willy handled the engine work, removing the stock V6 and redressing it. The chrome was done by Hialeah Plating in Hialeah, Florida.

Body/Paint: Willy and club members Eric Rivera, Gringo, and brother Roamy Lima added an electric convertible top made out of a Cadillac Eldorado. The firewall was shaved and smoothed. Craig “Gringo” Coon laid down rich coats of House of Kolor Kandy Apple Red throughout the Buick. Custom graphics and pinstriping outline the flawless paint. The chrome and gold plating was performed by Hialeah Plating.

Interior: Willy wrapped the dashboard in tweed and added tweed and leather seats using different colored reds. Even the Grant steering wheel and gear shifter was painted to match. The convertible top was dyed red.

Setup: Willy and brother Roamy added a complete Showtime setup using two pumps and two super-duty Adex dumps. Eight-inch Black Magic cylinders lift the front while the custom thirty-inch telescopic cylinders raise the rear to impressive heights. Fourteen Deka batteries send plenty of power by way of the five-switch panel mounted on the dash and the one-switch that launches the Regal to the back bumper in seconds.

Tires: P155-80/R13 Firestone rubber

Wheels: 100-spoke 13×7 Player wire wheels with painted lip and Classic Angels center cap.