Model: Laya Bella
Makeup: MOnica Caldera

Sometimes you just gotta break the mold. Bobby Mack, of Seattle, Washington took this philosophy to heart in his latest build of a 1957 Chevy Bel Air Coupe. Living in Seattle, Bobby had seen his share of Tri-Fives that had been turned into hot rods, and street customs, but he hadn’t seen one converted into a Lowrider. With Tri-Five years becoming so popular among car enthusiasts, Bobby knew that he was going to have to come out swinging. The result was this pristine ride, a ’57 Chevy that would put the Pacific Northwest on notice as to how to build an incredible Lowrider.

The Chevy sort of found him in a way, as Bobby stumbled across the car for sale in the newspaper classifieds while looking for parts for his 61 Impala. Once I bought the car, I knew it would be special as it was complete luck that allowed the purchasea good poker hand, Bobby says with a smile. Besides luck, time was on his side as well, as after only three years of building, the car fell into place.

As the shop owner of OG Unlimited, Bobby Mack had to fit his project in between his time spent working on his customers’ cars. The frame-off build featured custom bracket work for the four-link setup. This allowed the suspension to work like a modern suspension. The hydraulics on this 57 became the focal point of the build, as the shop took their time to piece together the hydraulic setup. The vintage setup consisted of Four 777 Pesco hydraulic power packs, and the fluids were controlled through four Adex hydraulic valves. In order to keep the fluids clean, Bobby incorporated in line filters. The original NOS equipment was torn down, painted to match, and chrome plated to accent the parts. The system was powered by four Optima batteries, which were set up on a custom chrome tubular rack along with the hydraulic pumps. All of the hydraulic work was completed by Bobby and his buddy, Big Shoe, who spent several hours on the custom build. The build also included personalized badges for the Pesco power packs.

This barn find was in great shape, so when the car was ready to paint, Needle nose Ned/Bob Rob painted it in the PPG pumpkin color. The OG Unlimited garage served as the backdrop for Bobby’s uncle, Rick and his business partner to get busy on assembling the classic. The 383 engine was assembled at the shop by Mike and Steve White, who made sure that everything that had been chromed out by Ambum Metal was bolted on properly. By this point, the car was a rolling shell, with its custom Galaxy wire wheels finishing off the exterior of the car.

With the shop doing the majority of the work on the car, the only thing left to be finished for the build was the upholstery, which was done in an original style by Burien Upholstery. This was the only part of the build that was sent out to get done, as OG Unlimited is setup as a one-stop shop in Seattle. With that said; Bobby has been enjoying his ride and taking it to local shows to help spread the Lowrider culture in the Pacific North West. n

Tech Specs
Suited 57

Owner: Bobby Mack

City/State: Seattle, WA

Vehicle: 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Coupe.

Club: Showtime C.C.

Engine/Drivetrain: 383 c.i.d. Chevrolet small-block engine with a 350 combination.

Body/Paint: PPG two-stage custom pumpkin color.

Interior: Custom stock style interior done by Burien Upholstery.

Setup: Tubular custom rack to hold the four vintage aircraft hydraulic pumps.

Tires: Cornell 155-80R13 radials

Wheels: 13×7 reverse cross-laced Galaxy Wire Wheels.