Yep, you read that correctly! Nick Pelosi doesn’t roll on the Cali streets, but he does own B-Real’s (Front man of Cypress Hill) former ’65 Chevy Impala! Now how did he manage that? Well, the story started back in 2007, in good old England. The England we’re talking about is not the England in Arizona, but the one across the pond; the land of the Beatles and the home of 007.

It was a dream of Nick’s to own a Yankee ride, and he was looking to finally accomplish this by buying a Dodge Ram. He visited Newport Imports, specialists in importing stateside rides, where he saw that they had a few Dodge Rams in stock. However, things all changed when Nick spotted a photo of a ’65 Impala, which Newport Imports were looking to bring over from L.A. It was the style and stance that caught Nick’s attention, but the clincher was the hydraulic suspension. The Impala’s origin just added the icing on the cake, as Nick soon found out that it used to be owned by B-real from Cypress Hill. The car looked one-of-a-kind, as B-Real had commissioned L.A. based styling house, Supernatural, to customize the Chevy back in 1996.

Within a few months, the Turquoise Chevy had landed on English soil and patiently sat waiting for Nick to exchange the dollars. Nick recalls the day he picked her up. “I was really excited and took it for a drive, but I soon noticed that some things needed fixing,” he says. On his journey home, he soon realized that there were more issues with the car, so he decided to take it to a local garage for a full check up. ‘The garage owner refused to let me drive the car away due to its condition,” said Nick. Things started to worry Nick, as he had never before owned a U.S. motor, but he didn’t let this apprehension dampen his spirits! Nick contacted Newport Imports, who agreed to pay for the repairs the car needed in order to be made road worthy.

“The car had been neglected very badly. There were problems like electrics missing, the steering box was hanging on with just one bolt, the A-arms were bent out of shape – the list goes on,” laments Nick. “It was a shame, as its outer skin looked the part and was the reason I bought it.” It was obvious by now that the car needed a complete overhaul, which Nick, along with his long time friend, Sam, have since spent the better part of the last three years working on. Nick and Sam wanted to transform the Impala into a show winner, and the endless nights and weekends they spent reconstructing the ’65 have paid off.

Nick and Sam have great eyes for detail, and they diligently applied their car building knowledge to every part of the Impala. For starters, take a look under the hood at this blinding engine bay and block. The car still runs the original 305i Chevy and Turbo 400 gearbox, but every part has been removed and replaced. Sam has a background in chrome plating, and his polishing skills were greatly used before all parts were chromed for that perfect finish.

These boys didn’t stop there, as other parts got the chrome treatment, such as the prop shaft, front inner wheel wells, and fuel tank. The A-arms were also straightened and strengthened, while a new hydraulic suspension was set up. The trick modification on the Impala has to be the B-52 Bomber landing gear taps, which act as slow down valves to control the how low the ride drops; pure class! Is Nick happy with his Impala now? We’ll let him tell you. “It’s been a hard, long road to get the Chevy to this level, but now I can live the dream, cruise the streets, and throw my set in the air – Cypress Hill style!”

Tech Specs

Livin’ the high life
Engine and drive train: 305c.i.d. V8, Zoops pulley kit, Edelbrock 600 carb, Edelbrock inlet manifold, engine Optics clear air filter housing, engine Optics clear water hoses, engine Optics breather pipes and servo pipes, chromed inner wings, chromed upper and lower control arms, reinforced all-engine wiring hidden, clear distributor cap, full Powerflow stainless exhaust system, TH400 gearbox, chromed suspension.

Body and Paint: Cypress Green pearl paint, new mohair hood and electrics, re- chromed bumpers, new 65 chromed aerials

Interior: standard black vinyl interior, new speaker grill in rear seat, new sun visors and brackets, chain link steering wheel

Sound system: Alpine head unit, Alpine V12 amps, MB Quart mids and highs, 2 X 10 inch JL audio subs

Setup: Two Reds pumps, four dumps, 8-inch front cylinders, 10-inch rear cylinders, two slow down valves ten Switches, 8 x 31xhs New Trojan batteries, all stainless fitting and pipe work, installed by Sam Stephens of Engine optics UK.

Wheels: 13-inch Dayton wires

Tires: P155/80R13 BFGoodrich