Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s how we learn from those mistakes that truly build our character. Thirty-year-old Adam Decker of Longmont, Colorado has made his fair share of mistakes, but it unleashed a creative side in him that he never knew existed. Faced with a long absence from the only thing in his life that gave him joy, his 9-year-old daughter, Azriella Decker, Adam decided to build her a custom tricycle in order to remain in her life in the only way that he could. With such a small window of time, Adam purchased a 1976 Schwinn Fairlady, and with the guidance and help from friends and family, “Passin’ Time” was created.

Starting off as a 20-inch two-wheeler, Adam added the OG Schwinn Trike kit. It was molded in and the sheet metal was fabricated to complete the rest of the body. A full custom fender was built out of metal and gold plated by Henndogg. The chrome plating was done by The Chrome Zone in Longmont, Colorado. The final bodywork was completed by Tomas Quiroz, and his brother, Alberto Quiroz, laid down huge diamond flake over rich layers of Sherwin Williams Kandy Magenta. Adam’s friend, Scott, from Platteville, Colorado, added a perfectly lined pinstripe pattern to accentuate the colors perfectly. Seventy-two spoke fan-style 20-inch wheels were then added to the Schwinn to top off this beautiful build.

“This trike is for her to keep with her as a reminder that we will get through my absence,” Adam tells us. “I wanted to create something that she will be proud of.” Azriella is cherishing every moment she has with her father; and while Adam is active in the Lowriding culture, this was his chance to expose his young daughter to the very culture that has helped to mature him. Adam vows to make sure that his daughter will always have him in her life, and he takes what he has learned with him to better himself. “Passin’ Time” will be a symbol of his initiative to change.