An authority figure whom oversees/leads a group of people is generally what one thinks of when they hear the name, “El Jefe” (The Boss). “El Jefe” is also an affectionate term used in the Spanish lexicon to refer to one’s parents. Such is the case for the name on 32-year-old Rick Villegas, 1994 Cadillac Fleetwood, named “El Jefe.” Rick built the car as a tribute to his father, Jose Villegas, who passed away in 1997. Constantly teaching family values and showing him how to become a man, Jose Villegas became a huge influence in the eyes of Rick. “When people see it (the car) at the shows or rolling in the streets, I know that somehow it’s keeping his memory alive.”

Being the youngest of 6, Rick was influenced by his older siblings. One such influence was Lowriding, a lifestyle Rick’s older brother Chuy introduced to him in the mid 90’s. Rick and Chuy used to work out in the fields outside of Corcoran, CA., and the little money they earned was combined by the brothers in the goal of building a car. They built a 1979 Regal together which they used to cruise Mooney Blvd. in Visalia, CA. “Back then, Mooney Blvd. was always packed, bumper-to-bumper,” says Rick. Rick and his brother, Chuy, used to make the 35-mile trip from Corcoran to Visalia every Saturday, just to cruise Mooney Blvd. Car clubs and solo riders in between Fresno and Bakersfield would show up to Visalia, to do the same. “We would do it just to be a part of the cruising scene.” Since then, Rick has built several street rides, including an ’84 Monte Carlo, and a ’88 Beretta. After getting married and having kids, Rick decided to settle down and took a break from building cars in ’98. Knowing that he would eventually build another car someday, Rick kept attending all the Lowrider car shows he could. After a seven year break from the Lowrider scene and ensuring that everything at home was good, Rick decided it was time to build his next car. Wanting to build a worthy show car, Rick and Chuy went on a search, and came across a ’94 Cadillac Fleetwood that was for sale. “Once my brother told me I had to buy it; I did.” Already having a set of rims at home for his new ride, Rick wasted no time in getting started on his new build.

It took Rick two different stages to build his car to the level pictured here. The first phase was from ’06 to ’07, a time span he used to focus on the basics; candy paint job, murals, phantom top, chrome undercarriage and hydraulics. “It had more of a street-scene feel to it” says Rick. With phase one out of the way, Rick showed his car throughout the west coast in ’08. Once ’09 came around, Rick took his car to the next level with phase two of the build, adding leafing, custom interior, custom dash, engraving, and a patterned top. Will we see a phase three? Only time will tell.

In 2006, Rick met Jose Sandoval, an original member of Delegation Car Club from El Monte, CA., who had moved to the area a few years earlier. Jose talked to Rick about starting up a Central Valley chapter of Delegation, and in 2006, with a few other friends, the new chapter of Delegation was started. Rick would like to give a special thanks to his wife, Haydee, and daughters Mariah, Hailey, and Isabella for their support. He’d also like to recognize Delegation car club members Jose, Paisa, and Boy for all their help, and for always being there for him when he needed them.

Tech Specs

El Jefe
Owner: Rick Villegas
Vehicle: 1994 Cadillac Fleetwood
City/State: Corcoran, CA
Club: Delegation
Engine: Stock LT1 engine with candy painted parts

Body and Paint: House of Kolor Candy Cobalt Blue was sprayed over Strato Blue Base by Joe Morales of Joe’s Auto Works in Tulare, CA, who also patterned out the top. Curley out of Long Beach, CA., handled the pinstriping, and Alberto Herrera of Quality Art in Visalia, CA., took care of all the Aztec murals found throughout the car.

Interior: The stock upholstery was upgraded with the more luxurious Cadillac style button pillow leather seats, like those found in the ’92 Fleetwoods. Jimenez Upholstery in Visalia, CA., handled that upgrade.

Setup: Chico and Joe from M&M Hydraulics in Gardena, CA., took care of the two chrome pumps found in the trunk, and Moreno’s Chrome plating out of Fresno, CA., and Rene at Showtime Metal Polish in Kerman, CA., took care of the chrome found on the car.

Sound System: The sounds were taken care of with a Jensen flip down head unit, with Pioneer speakers and amps.

Wheels: 100-spoke, 13-inch OG wire wheels were powder-coated to match the car.

Tires: Cornell 13-inch whitewalls.