The Lerma Family


Majestics C.C. Avondale, AZ


1964 Chevy Impala

In this month’s Bumps and Dumps, we are showcasing one of the nicest ’64 Impalas we’ve seen in a while. This one’s representing Avondale, AZ under the nickname “Bluetiful World.” The Lerma family found the car in March of 2005 while searching online. The car included an original appraisal from Classic Chevy International, and was in such good condition that family knew they had to buy it. As if that wasn’t enough, they soon came to find out that the car was “Project V” that was built by LRM back in 1998! The family went to work right away, customizing the car’s setup to make it their own.

The original set up was taken out of the trunk and the hydraulic holes were filled in, as the family contemplated their next customizations. After a few years of construction, it was time to hook up the Impala with a hydraulic set up of their own. The Impala was delivered to Leonard, aka “Mr. Davinci.” After a few days of pondering what to do to the set up, they decided on a new-era Old School Set up. The new Hydraulic setup includes 4 old school pumps with Prestolite motors, 4 Adex dumps, 4 old school faucet slow downs, and 4 old school oil filters. The set up also includes 8 inch and 10 inch cylinders, and is powered by eight- 31 series batteries. After the set up was put together, the Impala was taken to Fish. Fish took on the Job of molding and fiber glassing the entire trunk, while accenting the setup and housing the two Audiobahn woofers, two seven inch monitors and spectator camera. After the trunk was finished and sanded down to a smooth finish, it was then taken apart, so that it could be painted to match the car’s Candy Blue paint. Li’l Mando was in charge of painting the trunk, and he laid down the Candy Blue paint. The set up was taken apart once more, and it was sent out to be chromed and powder coated in a smooth Candy Blue. The setup is wired with Blue four-gauge wire and the hard lines were also sent out to receive the same Candy Blue powder coating to match the rest of the set up.

The Lerma family would like to thank everyone that had a hand in building this one-of-a-kind Impala, and commend them for giving this ride an award-winning hydraulic setup. Make sure you visit your local LRM show, so you can check it out in person and see why this 64’s set up made its way into the pages of this month’s issue