Juan Macias has been Lowriding for over 20 years. He first started when he saw how his older brother, Ray Macias, built his cars. “I just started watching the way he modified his cars and everything just picked up from there,” explains Juan. His brother had fixed up several Impalas, and a clean- looking ’53 Bel Air. “I knew that was something that I wanted to do” says Juan with a grin. At 19 years old, Juan picked up his first Lowrider car, a 1981 Buick Regal.

The Newark resident always wanted a Bomb, but was never able to afford one, until one day, the right opportunity to get one just came to him. This fateful occurrence was not lost on Juan, as he realizes how lucky he was, and still is, to have had the chance to purchase his dream Bomb. “I was at the right place at the right time,” he says excitedly. That first Bomb Juan bought was a ’53 Bel Air, a classic machine that Juan still owns to this day.

As we all know, Lowriders are like Lays Potato Chips – “you can never have just one,” so of course the Bomb bug bit Juan again. When the time came to look for a second Bomb, Juan explains that his wife was the real influence behind the second purchase. “I wanted a nice Bomb, but my wife wanted something “Gangsta” explains Juan with a smile.

Walking around at the Stockton Swap Meat, the ’34 caught Juan’s attention. “When I saw it, I looked at it for an hour or two, and then walked away” says Juan. “Later on, I went back to it and looked it over again.” The car compelled him to act, and Juan ended up calling his wife Mimi to come over to the car so she could see if the ’34 was something that she liked. Once he got the approval from his wife Mimi, the deal for the ’34 bomb was made.

The car was drivable, but all of the suspension had to be upgraded in order for it to keep up with traffic. “Those cars were only meant to go 30 to 40mph,” says Juan. “In order to get it to work on the highway, I had to change the suspension, the running boards and everything else down there.”

Previously laying low and only bringing the car out to cruises and picnics, Juan is now determined to enjoy the car with his wife, Mimi. “Mechanically the car is mine, but technically, it’s hers,” he jokes. Juan plans on keeping the car original and enjoying it in that classic look. “The best memory with the car is right now,” says Juan as he expressed his joy of finally getting a feature in Lowrider Magazine. You can find Juan and his wife, Mimi, cruising the ’34 all over the Central Valley and the Bay Area.

“Thanks to my wife for letting me do my thing, and for being so supportive of my habit,” says Juan. Juan and Mimi would also like to thank their children Inez, Juan, and Frankee, for all their support during the build of this project. Congratulations Juan, and tell Mimi that the car is indeed, “Gangsta!”

Owner: Juan and Mimi Macias

Vehicle: ’34 Chevy Master

City/State: Newark, CA

Club: Bay Bombs car club

Engine: 235 ’53 Chevy engine with 5 speed transmission. Fenton headers and straight pipes.

Body & Paint: The two tone Tucson Tan and Winter Leaf Brown was painted by Carriage Works in Arizona.

Interior: The original Mohair Style was done at Carriage Works in Arizona.

Setup: The S10 rear end and the 4″ lowering blocks were installed by Tom at Full Circle in Lockeford, CA. Fatman front and rear swaybars were also added.

Sound System: Juan installed the JVC head unit into the original heater box to push the Kenwood 5.5″

Wheels: The Street Rodders 15×6″ were from Pete Poulson House of Wheels

Tires: Coker Radials 165/15