Osvaldo Ibarra of Turlock, California has spent his life being captivated by Lowriders. At the young age of 15, he bought his first car, a Cutlass Supreme. Like most of us, Osvaldo didn’t have much of a budget at that age, but being the true Lowrider that he was, he spent what little money he had to buy some 13″ wire wheels for his Cutlass. The sacrifice proved to only increase his love affair with riding low, and since that day, Osvaldo has owned numerous Lowriders. In fact, this enthusiast has built and driven so many over the years that he can’t recall exactly how many he has owned in his life!

As his enthusiasm grew, he began meeting others who shared his love for Lowriders, especially his good friend, Gabe Dominguez. One day, Gabe approached his Osvaldo and asked him to consider joining a car club that Gabe was currently in. Accepting his friends invite, Osvaldo went to check out what the club had to offer. Being unsatisfied with what that club was doing, Osvaldo convinced his friend to go in another direction. The two partnered up with another friend, James Reyes, and decided to start up their own club. Unable to think of a name for the club, the trio decided to invoke Gabe’s father’s former club name, “Latin Style.” Giving the plaque an updated look to it, the guys formed Latin Style car club in Turlock, CA, and never looked back.

Being President of the new club, it was up to Osvaldo to set the standard of the club. Working as a forklift operator at the Costco warehouse in Tracy, CA, Osvaldo didn’t have to look far for his next project, as his fellow co-worker Antonio Medina would pull into work in a super clean Monte Carlo. “It caught my eye,” says Osvaldo, adding “It was real clean, like an old lady owned it.” After agreeing on a deal with his co-worker, the new owner of the Monte Carlo happily brought his new project home.

Planning on making the Monte Carlo a hopper, Osvaldo wasted no time cutting his new ride and installing a 3 pump, 10 batteries set up. With fresh juice installed, he brought his car out for the first time to the New Style and Impalas Picnic in Modesto, CA where he placed first place in the hop competition.

Now that the hopping prowess of the Monte Carlo had been proven, it was time for a fresh paint job, which was provided by Julio Macies in Galt, CA. Julio expertly laid down a striking green candy paint color, making the Monte as eye catching as possible. After putting more money into the car and taking several first place trophies at numerous shows, Osvaldo decided to change the direction of his build. Being fueled by the desire to do better at the shows, Osvaldo stepped up the build progress and chromed out the whole undercarriage. While the undercarriage was out, the Latin Style family started tearing down the engine and prepping it to be sent out for chrome as well.

“I was already building the car for my son,” explains Osvaldo. “At the time, he was a fan of the Incredible Hulk. Since the car was already green, I went with the Hulk theme.” After doing some research, he found out that there are many different types of Hulks. Deciding to go with a more aggressive looking Hulk, he gave it a touch of Mexican style by naming it “El Hulk.”

With 10 years of working side by side with Osvaldo at Costco, the former owner of the Monte Carlo has seen what has been done to his former car. “He never thought I would take the car as far as I did,” says Osvaldo proudly. “The car will never be truly done,” he says, spoken like a true Lowrider. “One of my main goals in life was to be featured in the pages of Lowrider Magazine. My oldest son, who is 10 years old right now, is going to own the car.” Osvaldo’s dream has come true, thanks to his dedication and passion for the sport he truly loves, and his young son will benefit as well, thanks to such generosity and foresight from his loving father. Osvaldo would like to thank his family, friends and Latin Style members for the support over the years.

Tech Specs

Owner: Osvaldo Ibarra

Vehicle: 1979 Chevy Monte Carlo

Club: Latin Style

City/State: Turlock, CA

Body/Paint: Alfonso “Poncho” Torres took care of the Monte Carlos candy organic green paint job. Angelo Martinez made a house call to add those fine lines he is known for. Finishing off the Hulk theme on the Monte Carlo was Isaac Perez, who added Hulk murals on the door jams, trunk and engine compartment.

Interior: The biscuit tuck and roll upholstery was handled by Prime Time out of Turlock,CA

Wheels: P155/80R13 shaved white walls

Tires: 13″ crossed laced Sinister