Owner Charles Caragan

Vehicle Name “The Blu Print”

Vehicle 1969 Chevrolet Impala Convertible

Today, we are bringing you a sneak peak at Charles Caragan’s Blu Print’s engine compartment for our “From the Hood” section. This Baby Blue 1969 Impala convertible caught our attention while it was being built in Norco, CA, and we knew we had to photograph it so that we could share it with you.

This custom restoration was pulled off the frame and completely refurbished, as Charles made sure that every bolt was turned on this car. The ragtop received a newer style LS GM engine, and the small block motor was painted to match the exterior. Several bolt-on performance items included a Weiand aluminum intake, and Billet pulleys and brackets from Street and Performance that were chrome- plated to give off that show finish. With all of this performance under the hood, the car had to be upgraded with a chromed-out front disc brake setup. To make sure that the drive train held up to the power that the small block LS motor was going to distribute, a 350 Turbo transmission was used. With chrome on Charles’ mind, the engine compartment was accented with chrome and polished accessories that can be seen on the valve covers and throughout the engine compartment, including the fender wells.

Charles’ engine compartment caught our attention, as it showed a modern engine in an old-school, classy Lowrider. The reliability and simplicity of the motor puts Charles well ahead of the pack, as his build showcases the future of Lowriding engine transplants. We praise Charles for thinking outside the box, and distancing himself from those archaic carbureted days.

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A Matson aluminum radiator with a dual Spal pull fan was used to keep the car cool.

A paint-to-match engine was dressed up with performance billet accessories. These included polished valve covers, dressed with LS coil covers and Street and Performance serpentine pulleys and brackets.

The entire engine compartment was painted to tie-in with the color of the exterior. Some of the engine’s upgrades included chrome, and accessories like Cool Flex Hoses to keep the engine compartment looking streamline.