When Jaime Amaro of Chandler, AZ started building his Sexy-Cinco Impala, he never realized how long the journey would take. As a bricklayer in the Arizona market place, Jaime was doing well – until the market dipped. After some major perseverance, Jaime was able to finally finish the ten-year project last spring, and the excited rider debuted the car at the Mesa art exhibit.

This Fastback is not the first Lowrider that Jaime has owned, but it is one of his favorites, as the build really challenged him. The once-stock car also received hours of art work, laid down intricately throughout the gorgeous Chevy. Jamie had this to say about the journey that finally became “Sexy-Cinco”:

“It all started 18 years ago, when my cousin Tony Gutierrez and I were sitting at the barber shop waiting for Lowell Huggins to cut our hair. Tony told me about a ’65 Impala SS that was an all-original AZ car, and he said it was for sale. After our haircuts, we left to go check out the car. The minute I saw the car, I thought to myself ‘This is the car I’ve always wanted to own, just like my high school days at Chandler High, when I used to cruise my ’65 Impala.’ I had to come up with $2500 to purchase the car, so my brother Tereso hooked me up with some side work doing a tile job and building a fireplace, and that’s how I got to buy the ’65 Impala.”

Now that the car was in Jaime’s possession, he began by taking it apart to see what he needed to chrome. Ultimately, he chromed every nut and bolt you can think of, but it took about 5 to 8 years to fully chrome the ’65. Pete’s Plating handled everything, leaving the entire ride with a show-worthy shine. The paint job was another arduous task that took another 4 to 6 years to complete. “I was unsure of what the final colors on the car should be,” says Jaime. “I wanted something different, so I went to DJ who went ahead and started painting the ’65 in my garage. DJ would come over after work, and put in a few hours on the car before going home. Sometimes, he would come on the weekends to do a little at a time, until it was finished,” Jaime says exhaustedly. Once the ’65 was fully patterned-out, it was taken to Ron Hernandez for pinstriping.

The rest of his build went as planned, thanks to a visit with Arizona’s best Custom Hydraulic man, Leonard Rueles, who installed the hydraulics and stereo. Once the hydro’s and the music were in order, the car was taken to Bully Rios who worked on the upholstery. Jaime wanted a neutral color, so he had Bully do the interior in a white tone to keep the heat down during the summer cruises. This was a great idea, since the summer day temperatures in AZ can easily reach into the 100’s!

When we asked Jaime if he could wrap up this building experience in a few words he told us, “I just want to say that despite of all the hardships and problems I had with this car, it turned out to be the best car that I’ve ever built.” We couldn’t agree more; with a little blood, sweat, and tears, this clean ’65 came together, creating one of Arizona’s top marquee vehicles.

Tech Specs

Owner: Jaime Amaro
Vehicle: ’65 Chevy Impala

City/State: Chandler, Arizona

Club: Klique Car Club

Engine: Stock 327 and powerglide transmission

Interior: White leather custom interior with a painted dash to accent the interior.

Hydraulics: Two Reds Hydraulic pumps, 3 square dumps, Parker slowdowns, powered by 6 31-series batteries.

Wheels: 13×7 all-chrome L.A. Wire Wheels

Tires: 155-80R13’s Radials