Marisa Rosales inherited this 1949 Hudson Brougham after her boyfriend, Arturo “Mijo” Palma, passed away in 1999. He had purchased the car some time before from his friend, Gaspar, who has also passed away. As Marisa recalls, Gaspar had purchased the car from the widow of the original owner. So, undeniably every man who has owned this classic cruiser is now resting in peace. Coming up with the name for this beautiful [but deadly] ride was easy for Marisa. Christine, a 1983 John Carpenter movie based on a novel by Stephen King, tells the story of an old red car that seems to be possessed and very dangerous on its own. “Christine” was perfect.

Marisa says that when she acquired the car, it still needed a lot of work. The engine and interior were not yet installed and the ride’s body was only primered. Although she had been associated with this Hudson for about 18 years, she really became involved with it over the past decade, spearheading the restoration and makeover project.

Along with her current boyfriend, Leo, Marisa has invested a lot of time, money, sweat and tears into this car, including many trips to Bill Albright’s shop in Fontana, California and Al Saffron’s shop in Arizona – shops that specialize in hard to find parts for Hudsons and other classic vehicles. These particular vehicles are very rare, especially in the coupe model.

Marisa loves her car and apparently Christine loves her too. The mutual care and respect given to each other is obvious. Marisa has been lowriding for many years and says she will continue do so in her ’49 until the day she dies – a fate that she claims will definitely be faced, just as Christine’s previous owners have already unfortunately succumbed to.

Owner: Marisa Rosales

Vehicle: 1949 Hudson Brougham

City/State: Cula Vista, CA

Car Club: DUKES C.C.

Body/Paint: Chico at Candy’s Auto Body in San Diego, California took on the responsibility of body work and paint. After the body was prepped, Chico sprayed a PPG candy and Chrysler inferno red, creating a two-tone red on red color scheme with candy and big metallic flakes. Cisnero, a mobile pinstriper also from San Diego, added some class with some fine stripes. Ben over at Sanchez Polishing in Escondido, California took care of the re-chroming and re-polishing for the bumpers and moldings.

Interior: Octavio Davalo, from Davalo’s Upholstery in Chula Vista, completed the interior with a two-tone red and black color scheme in leather and suede. A Mercedes Benz center console was modified and upholstered to fit into the car with the stereo deck.

Sound System: Arturo of Big Boys Audio up in Lemon Grove, California, installed a Fahrenheit touch-screen head unit hooked up with two Orion amplifiers, two Fosgate tweeters and four 6×9-inch mid-range speakers, and one 8-inch MTX subwoofer.

Set Up: Jaime “Carrot” Romo, of Carrots Hydraulics in Chula Vista, performed the necessary frame reinforcement and prep. A Chevy Camaro front sub frame was added before Leo Milla and “Neto”, of Bottoms Up Hydraulics in Spring Valley, California, installed an eye-popping hydraulic setup consisting of two chrome Pesco pumps, two chrome oxygen tanks, two-ton coils, and four Optima batteries.

Wheels: Zenith cross-laced 13×7

Tires: Cooper Trend Setter 55/80/13 whitewalls