The future is wide open for 21-year old Jerry Nunez. A graduate of Barbara Goleman High School in Miami Lakes, Florida, he went on to attend Miami Dade College. Currently studying Construction Management, Jerry is one year into his Master’s Degree. Hailing from a modest home, Jerry’s mother Rose is an insurance consultant, and his father Jerry Sr. is a salesman. As a small child, Jerry’s parents brought him up to believe that anything can be achieved as long as you work for it. Jerry is proving that theory to be true through every aspect of his life, especially his work on his favorite passion; Lowriding.

His first experience with custom cars came at the young age of 14, as Jerry’s older cousins would drag him along to Lowrider shows in Miami. While his cousins wandered around, Jerry went from vehicle to vehicle, admiring all the intricacies of each custom car. He knew this was the lifestyle he wanted to be a part of. As soon as he was legally allowed to drive, Jerry started planning out his first Lowrider vehicle.

He was told by a friend about a ’96 Lincoln Town Car that was sitting in a driveway in Pensacola, Florida. He made the eight-hour drive to the Panhandle and found a stock Town Car waiting to be customized. Wasting no time, Jerry purchased the vehicle and brought it back to Miami. The beginning additions were small, as Jerry initially added a stereo and wheels. The more drastic changes began, as Jerry removed the stock suspension and added a full 3-pump, 3-dump CCE hydraulic setup. With the lifted Lincoln coming together, he brought the Town Car to his friend Jason, and asked him to add a radical paint scheme. A House of Kolor Kandy Red with black basecoat was sprayed over the body, with red mini-flake blended in. Ghost patterns and murals complemented the paint to set the Town Car above the rest.

Jerry appropriately named his Lincoln “Massacre,” and tells me, “the Lincoln is a daily driver.” He adds, “We don’t build trailer queens down here, we build them to drive them!” As a member of Boulevard Aces C.C. in Miami, Jerry has a great group of friends that are always willing to help and support him. Currently employed at L.A.C. Construction in Miami as a Project Manager, he has achieved everything he has dreamed he could. Keep riding strong Jerry.


Owner: Jerry Nunez

Vehicle: ’96 Lincoln Town Car

City/State: Miami, Florida

Club: Boulevard Aces C.C.

Engine/Drivetrain: The stock 4.6-liter engine was given the chrome treatment and a Flowmaster exhaust was added.

Body/Paint: A quarter top rag and a 5th wheel continental kit was wrapped in dark red canvas by Elegance in Miami, and Jerry added them to his Lincoln. Massacre was brought to Jason from Majestics in Central Florida for the paint. The murals were laid down throughout the quarter panels. Jerry started with a silver and black basecoat over House of Kolor red flake over Kandy red. His friend Geo handled the wet sanding and buffing to achieve the maximum shine. Clay added the custom pinstriping throughout the body.

Interior: Red vinyl with black piping was used to wrap the door panels and seats to keep the Massacre theme.

Sound System: Jerry added two Swiss Audio 12-inch subwoofers built into an enclosure with a Nitro 1200 watt mono-block amplifier that control all the JL audio midrange components in the cabin. A Kenwood in dash controls the music.

Suspension: Jerry installed a 3-pump CCE competition hydraulic setup with Italian dumps. Six Interstate batteries provide plenty of power to the 8-inch CCE cylinders in the front and 14-inch in the rear.

Tires: P155/85-R13 Firestone.

Wheels: 13×7 OG center-gold wire wheels with Kandy red dishes.