Quite often in life, we find that the best treasures often go unrecognized. On his way home from work, 42-year old Doug Owens spotted a 1976 Lincoln Town Car sitting beside a house, totally neglected. Introduced to the Lowriding culture by his friend and President of Individuals Jerry Cunningham, Doug was always on the lookout for that rare car that would turn heads. He inquired about the price, and the elderly woman who owned it practically gave it to him, selling him this builder’s dream for a measly $400!

An off-shore driller, working out of Houston, Texas, Doug already knew his way around machinery. The first step in the restoration process was to get the sleek machine running and out on the road. With the help of Craig Richardson of RL Fix Automotives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the blown 460-c.i.d. was removed, and a crate motor was polished up and dropped into the Town Car. The Lincoln was on its way to making its street debut, but it still needed some more attention.

The Town Car was shipped out to the experts at Homies Hydraulics in California to receive a comprehensive overhaul. The heavy body was wrapped in steel, and a full two-pump, three-dump hydraulic setup was added. The Lincoln was then brought to S & L Body Shop for a full coating. An “Arctic Bright White” paint color was laid down throughout the long body, while silver and tan pinstripping was carefully dropped down by Kelly & Sons. Airbrush expert “Wiro” from Los Angeles added masterful murals on the trunk and hood, using a “Ladies Night” image as his theme.

The next stop for Doug was Fernando’s Upholstery in Los Angeles, where Fernando removed the stock velvet seats, added a pillowback, and wrapped them in high-end camel leather. Lincoln logos were stitched into the headrests, along with tribal designs. Arriving back in Tulsa, Doug was ready to enjoy his “rust to show” creation. He joined Individuals C.C. Tulsa Chapter, and has gone on to become one of the club’s most loyal members.

“I have to thank Jerry Cunningham for bringing the Lowrider culture to Oklahoma,” Doug says, adding “had it not been for him, I might not have succeeded.” A father of three beautiful children, Justice and “J” who are both fourteen, and his baby girl, “D” who just turned nine, Doug dedicates his life to providing them with a positive and healthy lifestyle. His plans for Justice to carry on the family legacy of Lowriding will commence on his 16th birthday. With bloodlines as innovative and creative as Doug’s, “Milk & Honey” will undoubtedly be the first in a long line of Owens-built, custom cars.

Owner: Doug Owens
Vehicle: ’76 Lincoln Town Car
City/State: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Club: Individuals C.C.

Engine/Drivetrain: V8 460-c.i.d. crate motor from RL Fix Automotives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Edelbrock carburetor, cleaned and polished engine bay. Work by Craig Richardson.

Body/Paint: Arctic Bright White paint by S & L Body Shop; pearl, tan, and silver pinstripping by Kelly & Sons in Los Angeles, CA; murals by “Wiro” from Compton

Interior: Stock Lincoln seats with pillowbacks, camel leather, brown carpeting by Fernando at Fernando’s Upholstery. Two O.G. light bars from Ted Wells in Los Angeles.

Sound System: Sony head unit, four Stillwater components, Alpine amplifier, Stinger wiring; install by Flash from Flash Stereo.

Setup: By Homies Hydraulics in Los Angeles, CA; the body was wrapped in steel for support, two-pump Homies setup, three Waterman dumps, 10-in Homies cylinders (front), 10-in (rear), six group 31 marine batteries, two-switch panel.

Tires: P175/80-R14 Hankook Radials

Wheels: 14 x 7 100-spoke white powder-coated Dayton wire wheels.