The road to Lowrider royalty can be a long one, as building champion Lowriders takes years of dedication and trial and error. The truth of the matter is that most 45-year old men are still working on their first show winning vehicle. Denver, Colorado native Sam Henry is not like most 45-year old men, however; he has just finished up work on his third full custom show winner. Sam’s history started early, as he began working at a local McDonalds to save up enough money for his first car. He quickly learned how to customize it, becoming a natural at suspension modifications in the process. His talents were extremely desirable in the new Lowrider culture, and Sam was well on his way to a successful career.

Inspired by Lowrider vehicles like “Dressed to Kill” and other world famous rides, Sam’s motivation kept him moving forward. In ’85 Sam’s talents grew to the point that he decided to open up his own shop in Denver, under the name of Sam’s Kustom Hydraulics. He joined car clubs in the Denver area, and by 1986, Sam had started his very own club. As Sam kept most of the vehicles he owned as classics, he found a clean ’93 Cadillac Fleetwood through a referral by one of his customers. In a growing Lowrider trend, he decided it would be the perfect path toward a newer build for him.

Including his family in every step of the way, Sam’s son Troy was thrust into building custom cars as a child, and is currently involved in every build that comes through the shop. Naturally, Troy held the honor of being the first to rip open the new Fleetwood. The V8 350 was strong enough in condition, but was dressed up, in order to maintain the clean feel of the big body. Sam welded steel to the frame to help support the Cadillac through the rigors of boulevard switch-hitting. A four-pump Showtime hydraulic setup was added to lay the long body on the ground.

The real test came when long time friend and paint guru, Sonny Valdez, was enlisted to bring the Fleetwood to life using his impressive painting talents. A custom blend of multicolor basecoats, combined with Kandy Tangerine, was blended over the perfectly placed patterned lines throughout the frame. “I had a lot of space to fill.” says painter Sonny, “I had to make it perfect.” Pinstriping was laid down to bring the paint out even more.

Following in the tradition of his past show winners, Sam named his custom Cadillac “Silent Whispers.” The Henry boys also started working on a shop hopper called “Troy’s Toy,” and have competed in numerous hop-off’s throughout the state of Colorado, finding huge success. The Lowrider culture has brought them even closer than they were before, as Sam and Troy share a common love for custom cars. Either at his shop, or on the streets, Sam Henry will always have one step up on the competition, and the evidence of this can be seen easily with one look at “Silent Whispers.”

Silent Whispers

Owner: Sam Henry
Vehicle: ’93 Cadillac Fleetwood
City/State: Denver, Colorado
Club: TruImage C.C.

Engine/Drivetrain: The V8 5.7L 350-c.i.d. was dressed up using a chrome package. Troy Henry and Jose Salazar from Sam’s Kustom Hydraulics handled the upgrade.

Body/Paint: The big body was smoothed down and brought to primer. Multi-color basecoats were added for the first layer using a House of Kolor Kandy Tangerine outer coat. Carefully laid patterns were perfected throughout the frame by adding red, white and orange pinstriping. Sonny Valdez of Midwest Customs Autobody performed the flawless paint work.

Interior: Raul from R & R Upholstery in Denver, Colorado removed the stock seats and added the beige leather interior from a newer model Cadillac Fleetwood. A sunroof was added for the custom touch.

Sound System: A Kenwood head unit was mounted using Rockford Fosgate components. Two 12-inch Rockford subwoofers powered by two MTX amplifiers were custom built behind the hydraulic setup to fill the cabin with plenty of bumps. The stereo setup was performed by Jose Salazar at Sam’s Kustom Hydraulics.

Suspension: Sam built a four-pump Showtime hydraulic setup using four Delta dumps. The front and rear lifts by 8-inch Showtime cylinders. Ten Interstate group 31 batteries were carefully added to the trunk to dispense power and weight. An 8-switch panel was added to the dash to make all the proper moves.

Tires: 13-inch Coker 5.20’s

Wheels: 13×7 chrome and gold Dayton wire wheels