Here’s a little Lowrider math lesson for the month. What do you get when you combine 4 years, $50,000, and 100 broken promises? You get this pristine 1960 Impala, in the amazing condition that you see it in today. As an inspector at Ford Motor Company, Warner Walls knew what it would take to get this Impala looking like a showroom car. Of course, knowing what you want is only half the battle, and putting in the work needed to create a masterpiece is the difficult part. The trials and tribulations that Warner endured while building this Chevy became the inspiration for its name, and also represented the common struggle that so many Lowrider builders take on when attempting to build their dream cars. Every step of the build became a challenge for Warner, but he courageously pressed on, and built an amazing dream machine in the process.

A completed project requires a competent and committed team of people with various areas of expertise, and this project was no different. Gary got the body in shape, Carl and Warner painted, Roger handled the chrome, Mike worked on the interior, and Brent wrapped and molded the frame. It was a long time coming, but in the end, Warner and the team he selected build his 1960 Impala exactly the way he originally envisioned it.

With its low slung profile, Warner’s ride demands attention on the streets and at the show. Whether at home or hitting a show out of town, this smooth ’60 cruises low and slow in style. From Louisville to Hamilton, and back to Indianapolis, this Impala has caught the eye of show-goers and residents alike. The only way to truly experience everything this ride represents is to ask Warner if you can go for a ride when you see him. If you’re lucky, he’ll say “yes” and smile, as he hits the gas and pulls off. Only in this moment can you truly appreciate Broken Promises.

Broken Promises
Owner: Warner Walls
Vehicle: 1960 Chevrolet Impala
City/State: Indianapolis, IN
Engine/Drivetrain: 91 Chevy 350, Chrome intake, Color matched block. Dual Flow Master exhaust. 350 Turbo Transmission
Body/Paint: Body Work by Gary Hoskett of Custom Coach. Paint is Toyota Blue painted by Warner and Carl Gibbs of The Shop in Indianapolis. Full chrome undercarriage plated by Roger of The Chrome Shop in Indianapolis.
Interior: Interior upholstery by Mike Longest at Custom Trim Shop in Indianapolis. Digital Dash.
Sound System: Original
Setup: 4 Pitbull pumps with aircraft dumps running off of 8 batteries in the trunk and operated by 4 switches up front. Installed by Carl Gibbs of The Shop. 8″ cylinders in the front, 12″ in the rear. Fully wrapped, molded, and painted frame done by Brent of Pitbull Hydraulics in Louisville, KY.
Tires: 155/80 R13 Cooper Tires
Wheels: 13×7 spokes