In the storied tradition known as Lowriding, there are many different types of riders. The riders range from those who have projects that never seem to get finished, to those who finish their projects, but trailer them from town to town to keep them in mint condition. It seems that for one reason or another, some cars never get to put the rubber to the pavement on the boulevards and freeways of their cities. Joe “Wooch” Willingham is neither type. He’s another breed of rider, one who believes that cars are built to be driven and tested constantly. With a chrome undercarriage, candy paint, and no fear of getting inches at any speed or in the pit, Wooch gets respect from riders of all types. As you can see for yourself, Wooch and his Regal hit the streets… HARD!

This particular project came to Joe’s attention via a co-worker, who spotted this G-body gem for sale in a local paper. As soon as he saw it, he knew it was the ride he wanted to build into his dream car. The Regal had only 40,000 original miles and an ash tray that never saw smoke, so he paid the price the owner was asking, and was on his way. The rest is history.

Joe maintains close relationships with his fellow Lowriders. His team includes Jimmy and Tommy from Show and Go Customs, the shop where much of the work on ‘Trouble Maker’ was completed. After months of putting down ideas, time, and money, Trouble Maker rolls with its nose held high, as one of the cleanest rides on the Detroit Lowriding scene. You can find Joe cruising his 1986 Regal all throughout the city, riding on some of the roughest roads in the country. Despite these rough conditions, Joe throws caution to the wind and fully enjoys his vehicle, laid back in every cruise without worrying about chipping this or breaking that. His only major concerns are finding out where the other Lowriders are meeting up on Woodward, and where the best taco spot in Southwest Detroit is.

Trouble Maker

Owner: Joe “Wooch” Willingham
Vehicle: 1986 Buick Regal
City/State: Detroit, MI
Club: Majestics Detroit
Engine/Drivetrain: Chevy 362 (350 bored over 60) with custom headwork and racing cam; 350 Turbo Transmission
Body/Paint: House of Color Candy Red with flake over Orange base with pinstripes; Fiberglass quarters.
Interior: Burgundy Suede and Red Gator with candy flaked plastic trimmings
Sound System: Kenwood head unit and amp powers Kicker brand interior sounds
Setup: 4 Pro Hopper Competition Pumps, Adex Front and Delta Rear Dumps, 8″ Front/14″ Rear Cylinders, 12 Batteries installed by Show and Go Customs in Detroit; Full wrapped, molded, and painted frame by Pitbull Hydoaulics in Louisville
Tires: 155/80 R13
Wheels: 13X7 wheels with red painted spokes