Atlanta is the capital and most populous city in the state of Georgia. It is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the United States. In recent years, the city of Atlanta has seen many new residents that have relocated from different parts of the United States, as well as other countries. The low cost of living and the excellent school systems are just a couple of reasons why Atlanta has become such a desirable city to buy a home and raise a family in. The increasing diversity also bodes well for several different career paths to flourish in the city, making it a coveted destination for college graduates and entry-level professionals. A number of residents have relocated to this southern haven from the Southern California area, seeking refuge from the high cost of living, and overcrowded freeways.

Edgar Brito relocated his family from the San Fernando Valley area of Southern California a few years back. The benefit from the low cost of living and the excellent school systems were just what he and his wife Blanca were looking for, as they chose Atlanta as the ultimate place to raise their family. Once they settle down in Atlanta, Edgar opened Brito Auto Service, where he works alongside his father.

Edgar not only brought his family to Atlanta, he brought his love of Lowriding, too. Edgar has been involved in the sport since he was in high school, and it fully consumed him in his teenage years. After he got his first part time job, he purchased his first car, a Cadillac El Dorado. From the Caddy, Edgar then jumped into a Regal, before ultimately selling the Regal for a Cutlass. After cruising the Cutty for a while, Edgar moved on to a Caprice, but his former G-body aficionado decided it was time for a change. He got his hands on a ’64 Impala hardtop, but had his heart set on one day owning a ’64 convertible.

As luck would have it, Edgar got the chance to buy a ’64 convertible. He quickly sold his hardtop and used the extra cash to pick up the convertible. Edgar took the car to his shop and got right to work on it. The first order of business was to remove the 327 motor and add a freshly rebuilt and bored over 350. The original 4-speed tranny was freshened up, and Edgar accented both the engine and tranny with chrome and paint accents.

Edgar took care of all of the body work and paint at his shop. The hardest part was deciding on a color for the Impala. Edgar finally decided on Daytona Blue with some additional metallic to make the car stand out even more. Edgar liked the look of the OG Silver Blue interior so he just made sure everything was intact. For entertainment while cruising around the ATL, Edgar added a Sony DVD/CD player, a Sony amp, two 5 1/2 speakers and a pair of 10″ Alpine subwoofers, which were housed inside a paint matched speaker box in the trunk.

Once the body and interior were done, Edgar moved on to the suspension. He decided to do something different than the traditional two-pump hydraulic system. He added a Whammy Double Pump set-up with five 31 series batteries, which are also paint matched in the trunk. Edgar chromed the rear end and the upper and lower A arms. To finish off the suspension, Edgar added Chrome and Blue 13×7 Dayton 72-spoke wheels with 3 prong knockoffs.

Once the car was ready to hit the streets of Atlanta, Edgar added the plaque of his club, Obsession to let everybody know the car was official. The plaque was the finishing touch to an amazing build which Edgar completed, thanks to the help of his family as well as his fellow club members. There was a lot of time and money put into the car, but the end result was certainly worth it, as this ’64 is undoubtedly one of the cleanest cruisers in the ATL. Edgar is grateful to his family for understanding and supporting him through the long hours he spent at the shop working on the car. He would also like to thank his Obsession Car Club members for lending a hand, and helping him with the car whenever he needed it.

This is not Edgar’s first build, he has built a show winner before, and after one look at this beautiful Chevy, we can be sure that this build will not be his last. Building two show winners and magazine-worthy rides is no easy feat; it’s obvious that Edgar possesses “the formula” to produce these high-quality rides every time he builds.

Special thanks: Edgar would like to thank his wife Blanca and his children Esthella, Elizabeth, and Lil Edgar. He would also like to thank his Jefito and Perry Bunker and his fellow Obession Car Club members.

The Formula
Owner: Edgar Brito
Vehicle: 1964 Chevy Impala SS Convertible
Club: Obsession Car Club – Atlanta Georgia
City/State: Atlanta Georgia
Engine/Drive train: Rebuilt and bored over 350; original 4 speed tranny; engine and tranny received chrome and paint accents
Body/Paint: Body work and paint by Edgar; Daytona Blue with some additional metallic
Interior: OG Silver Blue interior
Sound System: Sony DVD/CD player, Sony amp and two 5 1/2 speakers and a pair of 10″ Alpine subwoofers in a paint-matched speaker box in the trunk
Set Up: Whammy Double Pump set up with five 31 series batteries that are also paint matched; chromed rear end; shromed upper and lower A-arms
Tires/Wheels: Chromed and Blue 13×7 Dayton 72 spoke wheels with 3 prong knockoffs