Owner Junior Garcia


’64 Chevy Impala


Garden Grove, California


Imperials Car Club

In this edition of “From the Hood,” we hooked up with Lowrider Veterano, Junior Garcia, who brings us his latest automotive creation. This pristine ’64 Impala had a breakout showing this year at the Las Vegas Super Show, taking home numerous awards, including first place in the “full custom” class.

Junior’s quest for the perfect ’64 began over 10 years ago, when he purchased the Impala from its single owner. He immediately took the car home, and added it to his already extensive collection of Lowriders; he now has a whopping 10 Lowriders in his garage! Junior knew that the process of building an award-winning car would require having plenty of time, money, and patience. Time is what Junior had the most of, so with that on his side, he had the ’64 taken apart and dropped off at Choice of Colors. Edgar Villegas of Choice of Colors worked on planning a color scheme for the Impala, while the frame was sent to Richard from Evergreen Hydraulics, who molded and cut the frame to withstand the upcoming hydraulic setup. The stock 283 engine was taken apart next, to allow Junior to paint the block so that it would match the exterior of the car. Junior put the engine together, but after working on this car for 8 years, he wanted to do something extraordinary. He really wanted the car’s engine to turn heads, so he headed to Zoops to purchase parts that would give the engine compartment the extra touch he was looking for. Richard from Evergreen took on the project of putting the engine together too, while Big Frank went the extra mile, detailing the entire engine compartment to give Junior an award-winning look under the hood.Custom Walter Prosper Air cleaner

After 9 years in the making, this ’64 build was finally complete. Showcasing a variety of accessories that helped it trump the competition, Junior’s ’64 Impala hit the show circuit in full force. Check it out!

Zoops One Belt tension belt system