Born and raised in the city of Roswell, NM, Francisco “Frank” Archuleta has never seen a UFO, but the machines he has spent a life witnessing firsthand are just as out-of-this-world. An avid Lowrider enthusiast, Frank has certainly seen his share of slow and low cruisers, up close and personal, while riding on the boulevards of his home city. It took a lifetime of work and surviving some tough times for him to reach the goal of owning one of his own, however. While in school, Frank joined the Army when he was just 18 years old. “If you were Latino, you either joined the armed forces, or you went to jail” recalls Frank, an ultimatum that left him making the right choice and joining the Army. He served in the Army as a Specialist, initially working in the supply room before becoming a cook. Frank received an Honorable Discharge 7 years later, and moved back to Roswell, where he found employment working for a corporation that built buses. After working for the company for over 18 years, he got a job offer from the City of Roswell to fix and maintain street signs, a job he still maintains to this day. Now that he had some money to put into his passion, he knew he was on the right path to Lowrider immortality. He started from the ground up, but things weren’t always shiny and chrome.

His first Lowrider experience came by way of his first car, a ’67 Pontiac Catalina, which he lowered with bricks and sand bags. Still not achieving the low feel he needed, he took out the springs, and rolled it around the rough way for a while. He stepped it up on his next Lowrider, purchasing a ’75 Monte Carlo, that was painted Candy Emerald Green, and rode on Astros with switches. During the time he owned this car, he joined the Majestics Car Club, and has been a member with them ever since. Though he enjoyed cruising in his fixed-up Monte Carlo, he still wanted to purchase a convertible, and in 1997, he finally got the opportunity he was looking for. He purchased a ’75 Caprice Convertiblefrom a fellow car club member for under $4000! The Caprice was in excellent condition, so much so, that he drove it stock for the next few years. When it was time for a facelift, the ’75 caprice received a major makeover.

Upon deciding to rebuild the car, it was delivered to Richard Lavato of Body Crafts in Roswell, NM to begin the necessary prep work for paint. The body was smoothed-out, primered, and then painted Baby Blue. In order to accent the body lines and give the Caprice a gangster look, the car was taken to airbrush master artist “Bigg Shadow” from Roswell, NM. Shadow took on the job and airbrushed the hood and trunk with a collage featuring a “King Hater” figure, sexy females, and money in different shades of blue, using a white color to accent them. After Shadow was done, Angel from California was called in to pinstripe the Caprice, and he gave the exterior an elegant finishing touch. Mac and Tosh from Roswell performed the engine work, taking a Crate Engine and building it up by painting the block so that it would match the body. They also added the necessary chrome accessories, including a polished intake manifold and chrome Elderbrock Carburetor, as well as chrome valve covers, an air filter, a Power Steering Pump, a Water Pump and a new Master Cylinder. After all that work was finished, Chris Otoro from 505 Customs in Roswell, NM, installed a clean two-pump setup that is powered by 4 batteries and was hard-lined to be controlled by 4 switches. A unique look was achieved as the pumps were set on custom made brackets which make them look like they are floating, and the rest of the system was housed inside a custom vinyl-wrapped enclosure that covers the entire trunk. During this process, the suspension pieces were sent to Electro Plating in El Paso, TX to be fully chromed-out.

After a few years of construction time the ’75 Caprice Rag was finally finished. Frank and his “King Hater” hit the show circuit in full force, along with his fellow Majestics Car Club members, winning numerous awards and trophies along the way. Frank would like to thank his wife Silvia for always being understanding, and he gives special thanks to his car club members, his brother for always making sure the car made the shows, and his friend Chris Otero for lending a helping hand. Frank currently cruises his cars with his family, and when he is not riding slow and low, you can catch him cruising around in his custom-made Harley which complements “King Hater” and is affectionately christened, “King Hater II.” If you see “King Hater” in the next car show, check it out, and I am sure you will not have a reason to hate.

King Hater

Owner: Francisco and Silvia Archuleta

Vehicle: ’75 Chevy Caprice Convertible

City/State: Roswell, NM

Club: Majestics Car Club

Engine: Crate Motor painted to match and accessorized with plenty of custom plated chrome

Boby/Paint: Baby blue paint by Body Craft in Roswell, NM; gangster murals by Bigg Shadow; pinstripe by Angel

Suspension: Frame wrapping and reinforcement by 505 Customs; chrome plating by Electro Plating in El Paso, TX

Wheels: 13-inch All Chrome Daytons

Tires: P155 R80/13