It is often said that nothing in life worth having comes easy, and obtaining the finer things in life is impossible without some kind of struggle, or fight. When brothers Juan and Chris Ramos were growing up, they realized that they both had separate dreams and passions. On a fateful trip to visit their father in East Los Angeles, a common thread was formed among the two very different boys; they were introduced to the Lowrider culture. It is in this culture that they both found common ground, and as they returned home, they instantly began discussing what they would do when they got their first vehicle.

The eldest brother, Juan, got his head start in automotive building with a VW Bug he built in the late ’90’s, but younger brother Chris was right behind him, eagerly learning to build techniques and styles. Through the years, the siblings learned to weld, paint and customize their own vehicles, in order to eliminate the expensive costs of outsourcing their building needs to other shops. The Ramos Brothers became so knowledgeable in building custom rides that they opened their own shop, C & A Custom Auto, near the northern Colorado town of Greeley, Colorado. In late ’99, tragedy struck when a massive fire ripped through the shop, destroying everything in sight, including tools and numerous vehicles, as well as Chris’ pride and joy; a 1957 Chevy truck.

Heartbroken and utterly devastated, Chris was shell shocked, and not sure if he wanted to spend any more time building cars. Big brother Juan came to the rescue, lifting Chris’ spirits by handing him the keys to a 1949 Chevy 3100. Juan was in the process of building his own ’47 Chevy Fleetline, and with Chris deciding to hop back into the world of building with his ’49 Chevy, the Ramos brothers were back in business! The two brothers are happy to be working in a culture that they truly love, and they continue to live out their dreams, refusing to dwell on the fateful fire that nearly broke them down. As proud members of Majesty Car Club of Denver, Colorado, both brothers carry on their pride and respect for the older cars, especially Lowrider Bombs.

Chris and Juan both agreed that instead of renting limousines, whoever got married first would have to cruise the Bombs to the wedding. Chris was the first to propose to his fiancé, so he set his goal to finish his truck before his wedding day. Both brothers worked endlessly day and night, on some occasions avoiding sleep to finish their master pieces. Chris tells us, “On my wedding day, I was still putting the truck together,” he adds, “My fiancé was extremely understanding.”

Very few brothers can stay as close and strong throughout their relationship as these two brothers, and it is a testament to their devotion for one another. Although they both live different lives, they spend as much time together as possible, and when one of them has a problem, the other is not far away with a solution. Living in the same city of Greeley, Colorado, they spend most weekends with their families, enjoying the blessings that life has given them. Juan has even joined a local college as an instructor, with the hope of helping young riders build cars. “My baby girl, Jadyn, has been my inspiration and helped me through the tough times,” says Chris, “[building cars] has become a family project.” The love and spirit of the Bomb Brothers endures, and will surely reflect on both their children and their community.

EL Pobre

Owner: Chris Ramos

Vehicle: ’49 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup Truck

City/State: Greeley, Colorado

Club: Majesty C.C.

Engine/Drivetrain: ’69 Camaro V8 350-c.i.d., chrome dress-up kit, Cherry Bomb dual exhaust

Body/Paint: Original 4-link custom reinforcement by Joe from Weld County Custom in Denver, Colorado; Sand Beige and Khaki Beige coating by Juan Ramos

Interior: Interior restored to stock by Chris and Juan Ramos; dashboard painted to blend

Sound System: Alpine head unit in the glove compartment; four Rockford Fosgate components, one Rockford Fosgate subwoofer powered by a 500 watt JL Audio amplifier; installation by Chris Ramos

Suspension: Two Viair compressors with a five gallon air tank, 2600lb Firestone airbags (front), 2500lb Firestone bags (rear), and a ten-switch box; the setup was chromed and hard-lined; by Chris and Juan Ramos

Tires: 15-inch Coker 560 wide whitewalls

Wheels: Artillery style capped with Chevrolet wheel covers

El Jefe De Jefes

Owner: Juan F. Ramos

Vehicle: ’47 Chevrolet Fleetline

City/State: Greeley, Colorado

Club: Majesty C.C.

Engine: 216-c.i.d. inline-six, featuring an electronic ignition, polished headers and Fenton dual exhaust.

Body/Paint: Dupont Sand Beige Sport Brown Chroma basecoat, Dupont Chroma clear coat – paintjob by Juan Ramos; bumper and fender were replaced and chromed by Bumper Boys in Colorado

Interior: Entire cabin including original wood grain dashboard restored by Juan; original spare tire and original Chevrolet cooler

Sound System: Original in-dash radio and one speaker

Suspension: 2-inch drop spindles (front), 4-inch lowering blocks (rear)

Tires: 600 OG white wall Coker tires

Wheels: 16-inch Chevy OG Artillery