Some of the rides we feature in our magazine come together quickly, almost as if fate has pre-destined them to become an integral part of a successful project. However, those rides are usually the exception. The majority of Lowrider featured cars exemplify years of blood, sweat, and tears, as well as thousands of dollars spent in the pursuit of rare parts, engines, and paintjobs to achieve automotive perfection. This ’62 Impala clearly represents the latter, and shows that perfection usually comes with a price. Jose Garcia of Hesperia, California, has invested five years and close to forty thousand dollars into this eye-popping 1962 Impala Super Sport, which proudly flies the Pride Car Club plaque in the back window. This ride has become an icon in the “Hi-Desert” area of Southern California where Jose resides, and it is definitely taking the competition by storm!

Jose took the time to make sure every inch of this ride was cleaned, painted, plated and/or upholstered before moving onto the next steps of the restoration. For starters, Jose performed a frame-off makeover, separating the car’s body off of the chassis. This type of frame-off technique is best to ensure that the vehicle can withstand the rigors of customization. The X-type original frame was strengthened and reinforced to withstand the extra weight of the hydraulic setup, and was then painted to perfection. The gas tank, entire front and rear suspension, coils, cylinders, fender walls, and most of the engine, were dipped in a high-luster chrome, courtesy of El Monte Plating in El Monte, California.

Jose, the top dog of a successful local construction company, takes pride in his ride, his work, and it shows. Attention to detail is something that is apparent with anything Jose gets his hands on, and his lowriding Impala is an obvious example of that. He thanks Lowrider Magazine for their inspiration and willingness to feature his ride, and he wishes to send an extra special thanks to all his friends and family, Pride Car Club, as well as those individuals from other car clubs, all of whom played a significant role in helping him with the build up of this sexy six-deuce. Jose says to be on the lookout as he will be doing a complete restoration, including a candy-painted frame and the addition of more hydraulic switches!

Desert Storm
Owner: Jose Garcia
Vehicle: 1962 Chevrolet Impala SS
City/State: Hesperia, CA
Club: Pride Car Club

Engine: Almost fully chromed 2004 GM 327-c.i.d. V8 (bored out to 350) with Edlebrock carburetor built by Mike from Traffic Car Club in Pomona, California

Body/Paint: Bodywork, prep work and paint by Mike; custom lacquer of red and orange colors; pinstriping by Mike Lamberson of Ontario, California

Interior: Tan leather interior by Joe at Joe’s Upholstery in Victorville, California

Sound System: Installation by American Stereo in Montclair, California; Kenwood head unit with iPod hookup, two amplifiers, four tweeters, four mid-range speakers, and two woofers

Setup: Installation by Richard from Evergreen Hydraulics in Hesperia, California; 12-inch cylinders (rear), 8-inch cylinders (front), 12 deep cycle marine batteries, two chrome hydraulic pumps and four dumps

Tires: 155/80/13 Cornell whitewalls

Wheels: 13×7 100-spoke custom color-matched