Some longtime Lowrider Magazine readers may recognize the name of Albert Contreras as the helpful California trooper who used to write the “Within the Law” articles in various issues of the magazine about five years ago. Albert would inform readers about certain laws of the roadway, particularly those that related to lowriding. At that time, Albert had acquired a 1975 Caprice convertible known as “Lawful Desire.” This ragtop was in dire need of some TLC and desperately needed a new top, new interior, new paintjob, and just about anything else new that one could imagine on a 34-year-old car!

Through Albert’s connections with many different car clubs, professional contacts, and custom car shop owners he would become affiliated with them thanks to his own article writing. There was nothing short of an all-star team at his ready. This team possessed the talents, services, and products that Albert needed in order to get his ride fixed up to show-stopping status, worthy of being featured among the pages of Lowrider. In addition, Albert is already an automotive guru who knows so much about cars, he rivals any great mechanic!

As Albert reached out to the members of his dream team, he found it easy to get what he needed for his car, as these people were willing to help out a good man with a genuine love for the culture. It was also in their best interest to sponsor Albert’s quest to do a Caprice makeover, if even just for the free business exposure they would receive through his continuous networking, and the countless appearances his ride would undoubtedly make at car shows throughout the southwest.

Albert wanted to make sure that he sent special thanks to those who helped out with the buildup of Lawful Desire; “I have to give thanks to Gabriel Fajardo”, Albert says, “as he was my hydro guru. Thanks to Mark Santa Cruz, a good friend who never said ‘no’ when I needed help! To Bob Antobei at Impala Bob’s – what a great guy who didn’t even hesitate [in] helping me out with many reproduction and NOS parts for my ragtop. To the guys at Ididit steering columns for making the one-of-a-kind steering column for my car. To Coker Tire for the Premium Sport 5.20s they provided. Thanks to Hubbards Impala Parts for the new red ragtop, and to Dave’s Upholstery for installing it. Also, thanks to Javier at Yuma Powder Coating for his services. I give a big ‘thank you’ to SEM paint supplies because without them, my car wouldn’t have come out looking so good! To my good friend and painter, Jesse Brena – he was always there making sure everything was perfect with the car! Thanks to Johnny and Mando at Krazy Kutting in Yuma,[for making] many special items for my car, including the Lawful Desire plaque. Thanks to Angelo ‘Guitto’ Maisano who is a good friend, and my main pinstripper, and thanks to Robert at Interstate Batteries for supplying the needed charge for the ProHopper hydraulic setup (setup provided by Mac). Thanks to Albert at Munoz Tire & Wheel for the 13-inch wires I roll on every weekend! Thanks to the Yuma Parks and Recreation Department for providing the beautiful backdrop for my car’s photo shoots. Last, but not least, big thanks to God, and to my wife and kids for having the patience to support me while I spent many nights out in the garage working on ‘Lawful Desire'”.

Lawful Desire
Owner: Albert “TopDogg” Contreras
Vehicle: 1975 Chevrolet Caprice
City/State: Yuma, AZ
Club: (No affiliation)

Engine: New 350-c.i.d. V8 crate engine with candy paint and chrome accessories

Interior: Tan leather and suede (with some parts from a 2005 Chrysler interior kit) by Plummers Upholstery-Brawley, CA; carpet from Impala Bob’s -Mesa, AZ

Body/Paint: Bodywork prepping and shaved side moldings by Temo’s Custom Designs-Yuma, AZ; candy red and brandywine paint by Jesse Brena-Yuma, AZ; pinstriping by Angelo Maisano, the “traveling pinstripper”

Sound System: Sony head unit, DVD player, 7-inch monitor, custom center console, Rockford Fosgate amplifier, Lanzar tweeter and midrange speakers by Albert Contreras

Setup: Custom hydraulic setup provided by ProHopper Hydraulics-Van Nuys, CA; installation by Gabriel Fajardo of Performance Customs Hydraulics-Yuma, AZ; 8-inch cylinders (front), 10-inch cylinders (rear); powder coating by Javier at Yuma Powder Coating; chrome plated undercarriage

Wheels: 13-inch chrome and red powder coated spokes with Dayton knock-offs provided by Munoz Tire & Wheels-Los Angeles, CA

Tires: Coker Tires Premium Sport 5.20