Las Vegas provides the perfect backdrop for any impressionable young mind to be swept away and consumed with something. Whether that something is good or bad its usually the subject of debate. After all, it is Sin City, a high stake desert paradise wrought with corruption, glamour, glitz and greed. Fortunately for Adam Clark, he was swept away in neither sin or a crime, but instead he fell in love with the form of candy and chrome. At an early age, young Adam was infatuated by the much more positive and productive Lowrider culture, and knew he wanted to build one that could one day teach his home city a thing or two about what flash and style really looks like. Determined as a youth, he knew he would stop at nothing short of reaching this goal.

At only sixteen years old, as a product-of-his-environment, Adam took a fitting gamble and bought a 1985 Monte Carlo from a friend, most likely saving the car from its pending future as scrap metal. He had high hopes for his Chevy, and immediately began working on it, envisioning what it soon would be, rather than what it was at the time. Staying focused, Adam used the car as his daily driver, and concentrated on customizing it piece-by-piece, in order to build a car that would be as practical as it was beautiful. Gradually, progress was made on the Monte, and Adam’s project ride evolved into the beautiful G-Body that it is today.

Completing this project was a group effort, and Adam is quick to give credit to those who helped him realize his vision. The guys from the body shop at Desert Chrysler, where Adam served as an employee, were definitely a big help with the body work. Painter extraordinaire Jose Gomez sprayed it with PPG Frost Beige and Gold Pearl, that added a classy feel to the exterior of the Monte. Naming the ’85 was easy, as it was crowned “Show Status”, which definitely represents its home environment of Las Vegas to the fullest. Everyone chipped in a little to bring “Show Status” to where it is today and Adam is grateful for all of their contributions-especially to Nate Poe, his little brother Ben, Jesus Nunez, his mom, and his fellow Majestics Car Club members.

“Show Status” earns miles and smiles all over Vegas, as well as out of town, as Adam has taken this beauty to San Bernardino, San Diego, and Inglewood, while cruising with fellow Majestics members. The Monte Carlo is sure to be a hometown hit in October at this year’s Supershow in Las Vegas, and will no doubt live up to its fitting nickname. In the desert, dreams come true, and through Adam Clark’s hard work, this Gold Pearl ’85 Monte Carlo avoided its fate as buried treasure, and now cruises past Treasure Island with its head, and front end, held high.

Thee Monte

Owner: Adam Clark

Vehicle: 1985 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

City/State: Las Vegas, Nevada

Club: Majestics (Las Vegas Chapter)

Engine/Drivetrain: ’85 Chevy 4.3 V6 with Edelbrock intake and carb by Adam and his father; 200R4 transmission

Body/Paint: Body work by Sal at Desert Chrysler; PPG Frost Beige and Gold Pearl sprayed by Jose Gomez; pinstriping by Adolfo at Insane Designs in Las Vegas

Interior: Cream and off-white vinyl interior by Cosme at Santa Barbara custom shop; includes a Grant steering wheel

Sound System: Installation by Adam; includes JVC screens and head unit that runs to two Rockford Fosgate subs in the trunk powered by a Rockford Fosgate amp

Setup: Showtime setup includes 2 pumps supported by Showtime 8″ competition cylinders in the front and 10″ in the back; plus Adex dumps, 8 Centennial batteries, and 4 switches

Tires: Dayton 155/80 R13

Wheels: 13X7 Roadsters