The Rollerz Only Car Club motto is, “Unity, Determination, Dedication and Staying True to the Game.” That code stands true for thirty-three year old Lowrider veteran Juan Vega of Longmont, Colorado, known to his friends as “Junior.” Growing up on a farm on the eastern plains of Colorado in the small town of Milliken, Junior’s dreams of being in an elite publication like Lowrider Magazine have finally come true, showing off his unparalleled creativity and overall passion for the culture.

Back in the 1980s, Junior was influenced by the boxy, G-body style exemplified best by the Cutlass and Buick Regal models produced in the larger-than-life decade. When it was time for him to find a car that he could call his own, his choice was a no-brainer. Junior received word about an ’85 Buick Regal for sale from a member of the Rollerz Only chapter based out of Fort Worth, TX. He immediately jumped at his chance, purchasing this soon-to-be classic ride. Instantly falling in love with the car to the point of obsession, Jr. was adding his own touches and created a style of his own days after his purchase, which signified the beginning of his dream project.

Having the advantage of owning his own shop, JBR Automotive in Longmont, Colorado, his first step was to convert the Buick into a stronger street car. Looking to beef up the already impressive Regal, Junior sought out and purchased a ’91 Chevy Corvette motor. The impressive V8 was chromed and dropped into the roomy engine bay elevating the speed, power and street status of this G-Body. This not only gave the car more muscle, but it also provided a smoother ride. Ecstatic that the spirit of the car was in place, it was time to concentrate on the exterior to create a unique theme to separate the car from the competition.

In line with his “Hell-O-Ween” concept, A House of Kolor Tangelo Pearl painted by Crazy Paint in Texas was applied perfectly to the body of the Buick, instantly giving it an identity. Junior then called in Bernie from JBR Automotive to reinforce the frame and undercarriage, giving the chassis more durability and adding a little bit of style. This customization came out so well that Junior decided to enlist the help of 10-inch cylinders in the rear and 8-inch cylinders to the front for visibility. Taking matters into his own capable hands, the Red’s Hydraulic setup was done entirely by Jr., himself, and given a flawless hidden display in the trunk. It was now time to add the final touches to Junior’s masterpiece in the form of the perfectly designed interior that would complement his vision for “Hell-O-Ween.” S&S Upholstery in Longmont, Colorado had the honor of removing the entire cabin and draping orange leather around the dashboard, seats and door panels. Finally, white inserts were added to the top of the four seats for an extra touch of class. Juan Vega’s dream ride was now complete, and he is proud of the final results.

Since 1986 Rollerz Only C.C. has been the status symbol for the pinnacle of custom rides. Juan Vega’s Buick Regal named “Hell-O-Ween” is a perfect example. “I am living my dreams to the fullest,” Jr. says. Cruising Federal in Denver or rolling the Diagonal Highway up through Longmont, Junior’s ride is appreciated by Mile High enthusiasts everywhere and is easily distinguised from the rest thanks to his unique sense of style and creativity. He adds, “I am just proud to be a Rollerz Only member and to have their support,” representing their motto everywhere he travels in this mid-west paradise. From the ground up, it’s very clear that “Hell-O-Ween” makes the Denver chapter of Rollerz Only that much stronger and more powerful.

Owner: Juan “Jr.” Vega
Vehicle: ’85 Buick Regal
City/State: Longmont, Colorado
Club: Rollerz Only C.C.

Engine/Drivetrain: A V8 350-c.i.d ’91 Chevy Corvette engine and transmission combo was chromed and inserted into the engine bay. A Holley carburetor was added along with a full Flowmaster exhaust sporting over 400hp. All the work was done by Jr. at JBR Automotive in Longmont.

Body/Paint: Crazy Paint in Ft. Worth, Texas sprayed a rich blend of House of Kolor Tangelo Pearl over the entire body and the engine bay. Platinum leafing was used to spell out Rollerz Only on the shaved firewall. The roof was painted pearl white. Scot from Pinstripe By Scot added his touch. A sunroof was added by S&S Upholstery and engraved with the RO plaque.

Interior: S&S Upholstery in Longmont, Colorado stitched the high quality leather throughout. Orange seat belts replaced the standard belts. A custom steering wheel finished the interior additions.

Sound System: Robert Grine from Longmont, Colorado did the stereo installation by adding a Pioneer head unit mounted with MTX mid-range and high range speakers.

Setup: Jr. installed a Red’s two-pump, four-dump setup using 8-inch cylinders to the front and 10-inch cylinders to the rear. Six Delco batteries are hidden in the custom built trunk. All are powered by four switches located in the dashboard above the stereo.


Tires: P155/80-R13 Firestorm

Wheels: 13×7 all chrome 100-spoke Masterpiece with painted orange spokes and Rollerz Only engraved spinners