“Switchman” recently decided to build a Lincoln. This was not the first one that he has owned, but unfortunately he found out that they’re not as durable as his Cutlass or the other rides he’s had. So he went back to what he knows best and picked himself up a new Cutlass.

Switchman originally got this Brougham from another club member for a couple hundred dollars, but after this great investment he realized that he didn’t know exactly what he was going to do with it until he drove it. He dropped it off at Kool-Aid Hydraulics to go through the entire suspension and supply the ride with some arsenal to make this G-body another back bumper, house calling, street hopper.

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With 10 batteries and one Adex dump to the single pump, Switchman is tearing up the street scene showing and proving that you don’t need all the pumps to nose up. Other tricks and improvements that were done to the car included fully reinforcing the frame and setting up the rear end to lock up as high without jeopardizing the reliability of the vehicle.

This ’87 Cutlass was built as a driver. Switchman loves to get in and go with the A/C turned up full blast as he rolls up to do some cool business on his back bumper.


’87 Cutlass Brougham

Compton, California

Individuals Car Club