Greg Marmolejo was chatting online when he stumbled upon this Cadillac on a lowrider website. When he saw the ad for the car, he fell in love with it. The luxury ride had been started but it wasn’t complete. Greg’s imagination just started running, especially after he had just cashed out on a ’46 Chevy bomb.

After coming to an agreement with the online seller, Greg took his homey David and brought back the car, which Greg purchased for $10,000 without even trying to haggle down the set price because he really wanted it. The car had several of the options that Greg was looking for, including a 44-inch moonroof that was installed by Cruz at Sunroof Performers, plus the chrome trim was done and, the most important factor, a Euro update kit was done and installed by Charlie from the Valley.

This Fleetwood was a low-mileage vehicle when he purchased it. It had been kept in the garage for years, so all Greg had to do was change out all the fluids and give the car a tune-up. With only 42,000 miles on the stock T4100 engine, the car was tuned and ready to pass the California smog test with flying colors, since it was running as good as a luxury vehicle should run.

The car was already sporting a custom paintjob on a Canary Yellow foundation, which was laid out by Javier of Mexico Collision Center in South Gate, California. The car was then taken to Walt Prey from the Valley who laid out the foundation for the graphics. Ricardo of R&M Customs, in San Fernando, California, used the canvas to lay out tape shades, fans, and graphics, which were all done in House of Kolor’s Tangerine, Candyapple Red, and Sunset Orange. The car endured more stripping by fat and famous Danny D. of Baldwin Park, California.

The car had the suspension altered as a two-pump setup and was installed by Japanese Mike of Crabs Hydraulics, in Santa Fe Springs, California. With a mildly wrapped frame, Mike went through the ShowTime pumps and made sure that the car had a snap to it when it was time to lock up. They also left room for the pair of Vega woofers and sound system to go in the back of the Caddy trunk. The audio setup was installed by Greg and his friend Jesse in Greg’s backyard, which received custom panels that were later upholstered.

With custom wire wheels added to the mix, all that was left to complete this custom build were the interior and trunk. The primary color of the material chosen had to be a neutral one with accented patterns and colors tied in for a nice match.

Sunny D-liteOwner: Greg MarmolejoVehicle: ’83 Cadillac Fleetwood BroughamCity/State: Los Angeles, CaliforniaClub: Good Times Car ClubEngine: Stock 4,100-cid GM engineSetup: Two ShowTime pumps powered by eight 31-series batteriesTires: Explorer R155/80R13sWheels: 13×7, 100-spoke yellow dish and spoke wire wheels