OwnerCandy Licker

Vehicle’77 Cadillac Coupe De Ville, “Blue Lagoon”

City/StateLos Angeles, California

ClubMy Way C.C.

Candy Licker, an exotic dancer who got started off trading cars for a profit, is currently the president of his car club, My Way, where he hits the streets in his ’77 Cadillac Coupe De Ville.

Candy Licker’s Caddy, dubbed the “Blue Lagoon,” is one mean street machine that will nose up to any luxury single-pump hopper. With a fully reinforced frame, done by Lorenzo of One Way Hydraulics in Los Angeles, this car was made to hop. Once the wrapped frame was done, the car was taken to Red’s Hydraulics in Lynwood, California, and hooked up with all the gear needed to give the car a performance suspension.

The luxury cruiser received four switches that control the two Red’s piston pumps. These pumps produce so much pressure that with 3-ton coils the car easily launches into the air. The front suspension was powered by 14 Red’s 31 Series, 1,200 cranking amp batteries. With an 8-inch cylinder for the front and a 16-inch for the rear, this car locks up high, allowing it to look like a terror when it’s driving down the street.

While shooting Candy’s Blue Lagoon, he told us that he had planned to sell it because he’d just picked up two other projects. We’ll have to see how those turn out. He says both would be hot on the switch, just like his current Caddy. Good luck and we’ll see what happens.