Adding a splash of color to the streets of Louisville, Kentucky, this Lincoln is turning heads and dropping jaws. It’s true that this car has been around the block-that’s what cruisers are for. But that doesn’t take away from the strong bond between the owner and this ride built on the family, friendships, support and memories required to complete a lowrider.

Since Shaun “Cheeks” Harrison was a kid, his father, David, and Uncle Ricky were busy buying old cars and fixing them up. This passion for cars runs in the family and instilled a desire in this lowrider to complete his own automotive projects. This love was only made stronger in high school as lowriders were the ride of choice among his circle of friends.

Now that his father and grandfather are gone, Shaun carries on in the automotive tradition sharing the ideas, memories and especially the work involved with friends and family. With two children and one on the way, Shaun looks forward to sharing the passion for the culture with his kids. Although the lack of safety belts keeps Alexus and Josh from cruising the streets with their father, it doesn’t stop them from admiring the ride with him while parked during the week.

Look but don’t touch. The vibrant candy magenta paint with lace patterns is complemented by white vinyl seating with pink piping. A three-pump CCE Competition setup and six batteries powers the suspension, while the hard-lines by Jason Caranto make the trunk something to stare at.

All of the work on this one comes together nicely to paint a picture of the beauty that results from hard work and strong relationships. Shaun would like to send a special thanks to his father for everything, especially the inspiration.

Jaw Dropper
Owner: Shaun “Cheeks” Harrison
Vehicle: ’94 Lincoln Town Car
City/State: Louisville, Kentucky
Club: No affiliation

Engine/Drivetrain: The stock 4.6-liter engine was left alone, other than given a Magnaflow exhaust.

Body/Paint: Body modifications include two sunroofs, three-way trunk and Continental kit. Justin McCoy at Custom Touch in Milton, Kentucky, handled the body work and candy magenta (over a silver basecoat) finish. Kirby and “Pinhead Red” of Louisville put down the pinstriping. The chrome plating (such as on the undercarriage) was left to Larry at Blakely’s in Dayton, Ohio.

Interior: Justin McCoy of Custom Touch and Jimmy Parks of Louisville both worked on the white vinyl (with pink piping) interior, Interior mods include fiberglass door panels, dash and rear deck.

Sound System: Derrick at Cool Cars did the honors using a Clarion head unit and 4×6 speakers.

Setup: This Kentucky cruiser was juiced (where else?) at Cool Cars in Louisville, where Trad and Brandon installed a three-pump CCE Competition setup with Delta dumps, 8-inch (front) and 10-inch (rear) cylinders, six batteries and two switches. Jason Caranto hard-lined the hydros.

Tires: P155/80-R13 Gillette

Wheels: 13×7 powdercoated Dayton