Dartrell-better known to his friends and family as “Red Rum”-grew up in Regal Estates on the north side of Las Vegas, Nevada, and has been around lowriders for as long as he can remember. One of his earliest memories is cruising Las Vegas Boulevard with his dad in his custom-built money green ’67 Buick Skylark that sported Rocket wheels, swivel bucket seats and a color bar.

Dartrell also remembers when his dad would hit the switches while at a red light and how the pedestrians would drop their gambling winnings due to the sight and sound of the slamming Skylark. Another influence was seeing celebrity athletes Jim Brown and Marcus Allen cruising lowriders when Dartrell was still riding his bicycle.

As he got older, Dartrell began hanging out with One Luv Car Club and challenging other Las Vegas lowriders to hopping contests. Ready to take his passion to the next level, Dartrell purchased a ’99 Lincoln Town Car with the goal of building a car that his dad and friends would be proud of. With the help of a few Las Vegas shops and the support of his friends and fellow One Luv C.C. members, the project began to take shape.

Dartrell first dropped off the Lincoln at TKO Kustoms in Las Vegas where Mica laid down a fresh coat of paint. The new color was Escalade red that closely matches the red of the UNLV Rebels. Keith at Luxury Upholstery in Las Vegas took on the job of replacing the stock interior with custom red leather and ostrich skin. T.J. at Switch Hitters in Las Vegas then installed a two-pump setup.

This Town Car is no trailer queen and is often driven by Dartrell who likes to make the car hit back bumper with a few hits of the switch. So the next time you’re cruising Las Vegas and you see a proud UNLV-colored Town Car, be aware of Red Rum. Dartrell’s tricked-out Town Car might just surprise you and make you drop a few bucks.

Red RumOwner: Dartrell AKA “Red Rum”Vehicle: ’99 Lincoln Town CarCity/State: Las Vegas, NevadaClub: One Luv C.C.

Engine/Drivetrain: Stock V-8

Body/Paint: The Town Car was repainted Escalade red by Mica at TKO Kustoms in Las Vegas.

Interior: The interior was reupholstered with red leather and ostrich skin by Keith at Luxury Upholstery in Las Vegas.

Sound System: Fabian at F&S in Las Vegas hooked up an Infinity audio system.

Setup: T.J. at Switch Hitters in Las Vegas equipped Dartrell’s car with a two-pump, three-dump Hi-Low setup that’s juiced with nine batteries and supported by a partial frame wrap to take the abuse of hitting back bumper on the streets of “Sin City.”

Tires: P155/80-R13 Remington skinny whitewalls

Wheels: 13-inch red powdercoated wires