OwnerMatt the “A/C Guy”

Vehicle’85 Olds Cutlass

City/StateLas Vegas, Nevada

Matt of Las Vegas, Nevada, took one year to build his double-pump G-body Cutlass. This A/C technician had to fix a lot of air conditioners to get this car so cool. The Cutlass was originally sent over to Ron at N-Sane Motorsports, who hooked up all of the right combinations. N-Sane wrapped the frame in 31/48-inch steel to help prevent buckling caused by the abuse created by the hydraulics.

Since finishing his ride, Matt has been “King of the Street” and the top dog to beat as this car has been putting in the work. As with most owners of vehicles equipped with hydros, Matt has to do regular maintenance to keep the “King of the Street” crown. Matt was not trying to be the “King”; it just happened and he knows that his reign will end, but until then, he’s just going to enjoy it.

Cost to be the boss:12 batteries+One year to build +One Black Magic piston pump+One regular pump to the rear+18-inch cylinders to the rear

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