This single-pump hopper is doing its thing and ready to go head to head with most Street class single-pump hoppers. Dee’s initial $300 investment quickly climbed to the more average street hopper price of about $6,000. The hydraulic setup was built and installed in a home garage by the famous MacGyver, one of the creators of “Flipper,” a white Chevy Malibu that was one of the first cars to flip on its back and crush its roof.

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DumpsRene Espinoza’63 Chevy Impala SSChicago, IllinoisPura Familia C.C.

When we asked Rene Espinoza how much he spent on his ’63 SS, he laughed and said that he lost track. No bolt was left unchromed on the two-year project, which has four Hi-Low Eliminator chrome and polished center-pressure, side-return pumps with # 9 Marzocchi gears. Whoever said that you couldn’t have a “bad” setup without running square dumps obviously has not seen Rene’s setup that features four Delta dumps with 5,000-psi. cartridges.

The four-pump setup was outfitted with T-handle slow downs, four 10,000-psi. gauges, four polished oil coolers, custom-bent 11/42-inch chrome steel lines, molded battery and pump rack, painted batteries, 2-gauge clear cables with polished ends, and custom-bent polished aluminum trunk wall and side covers for the batteries with one-plug charging.

The trunk setup on “Game” was done by “Hollywood Bob” of Hollywood Kustoms in Northlake, Illinois. The hydro job took about 60 hours to create, including the suspension work that was needed to allow the hydraulics to work correctly.

BumpsJoe Moe’60 Chevy WagonSanta Rosa, California

Only 14 years old, Joe Moe got a good start on his first lowrider. It helps that he was guided by the right people. Joe’s “Wagonator” is very impressive and features a full Arc Audio sound system installed by Kustom Kar Audio of Santa Rosa. Four Robert Zeff Signature Series Arc Audio amplifiers power up four 12-inch Flatline D-4 subwoofers. If that wasn’t enough, two additional 10-inch woofers were built into the kick panels.

The dash was modified to accommodate three-way speakers, while the rear of the vehicle features 511/42-inch Signature Series midrange components for the full “surround sound” effect. The hand-built center console is equipped with an Alpine 10-inch monitor controlled through a 9860 Alpine head unit. Five additional Rosen car show monitors are mounted throughout the vehicle.

The install took Kustom Kar Audio more than 500 man-hours, and that was just for the audio portion of the install. The interior panels were wrapped in Italian butterscotch leather by Vince at Seat Works in Sacramento, California.