Continental Tires

Beat Old Man Winter to the Punch With Continental’s ExtremeWinterContactTM Tire. As temperatures drop below 45 degrees Farhenheit and extreme winter weather hits, now is the time to change to winter tires. Continental’s ExtremeWinterContactTM tires are engineered with pliable tread compounds and tread designs that remain soft and flexible in even the coldest temperatures, increasing the contact area and providing better grip on wet or icy roads. This tire is designed for excellent snow and ice traction and performs superbly on dry and wet pavement in cold temperatures. For more information on Continental’s line of winter tires, or to locate a dealer near you, visit

Black & Decker

Black & Decker/Impact Screwdriver Delivers 10X More Speed and 2X Max Torque. The top two complaints involving cordless screwdrivers are speed and power. Black & Decker is bringing true power and innovation to the screwdriving category with the new Impact Screwdriver, a unique tool that provides superior speed and torque for improved performance during screwdriving and fastening applications. Most cordless screwdrivers provide 180 rpm (revolutions per minute). With a top speed of 2,200 rpm, the new Impact Screwdriver drives screws, assembles furniture, or other projects with 10X the speed. To learn more about this and other Black & Decker products look them up at

Painless Performance

Painless Performance/LS harness. Drop A GM LS Truck Series Engine & Electronic Trans Into Your Ride. The latest fuel injection harness from Painless for the popular GM Gen IV truck engine swap. Transplant a GM truck engine and electronic automatic transmission into your non-EFI vehicle. The harness uses the factory ECM and TCM that came with the ’07-’10 engine and transmission combination. The harness will operate both Variable Valve Timing and Active Fuel Management (Displacement on Demand) engines with either a 4L65E, 4L80E or 4L85E transmission. Includes a 40-amp fan relay and wiring to add a second 40-amp PCM controlled fan relay. A 40-amp fuel pump relay and four-gauge alternator charge wire are included in the kit. Painless also offers re-flash service for modified engines! Call Painless Performance today for more information 800.54.WIRES or online at

Dakokta Digital

Dakokta Digital/The EDC-100 allows the use of a mechanical-cable speedometer to be used in conjunction with a modern drivetrain, which provides only an electronic output. Available with provisions for GM thread-on, GM clip-on as well as Ford clip-on style cables, the ECD-100 offers the utmost in adaptability. Supplied cable is 36 inches in length. Quiet operation from the powerful motor allows the user to place the module inside the cabin. The case is waterproofed, allowing it to alternatively be mounted under the hood, or even inside a fenderwell. Simple calibration with a remotely mounted switch means there are no DIP-switches to hassle with; access to EDC module is not required! Industry-standard ‘measured-mile’ calibration as well as speed adjustment while driving, based on a GPS or other known-speedometer reading, keeping setup ultra simple. More information can be obtained by calling (800-852-3228), or visiting

Auto Magic

Auto Magic/Finish Premium Compound Polish and Perfect Finish Premium Finishing Wax. This perfect finish premium compound polish is an advanced compound with micron-sized abrasives that works remarkably fast on all types of cured and fresh paint to level paint imperfections quickly with little effort and little swirl. It rapidly removes 1,500-grit sandpaper marks, scratches, acid rain, oxidation, and other paint imperfections. The Perfect Finish Premium Finishing Wax is an easy to use VOC compliant final step high durability formulation cream wax. With our advanced technology using premium carnauba that is easy on, easy off, it provides a low dust, long-lasting, high gloss, and rich luster finish with easy cleanup on new or used vehicles. Auto Magic products include a comprehensive range of waxes, polishes, compounds, interior and exterior cleaners, soaps, dressings and clay bars which are sold through a worldwide network of independent distributors and automotive retail