Lokar Shifters/16-inch bench bend automatic transmission shifters. This shifter offers a NEW BEND option within the Lokar line of shifters. This style of lever bend lends itself to vehicles with bench seats such as pick up trucks and muscle cars. The 16-inch Bench Bend Shifter is available in our transmission mount, floor mount, tailmount and cable operated shifter applications. Applications for GM, Ford and Chrysler Automatic Transmissions. Shifter lever is available in Chrome or Black Finish. For more information, please call 1-877-469-7440 or email tech@lokar.com.

Armor All

Armor All/New Armor All Custom Shield Coating allows consumers an opportunity to ditch that pesky automotive bra on the front of their car for a more sleek and non-abrasive look. This new innovative product is a temporary, spray-on, peel-off coating that allows consumers to help protect their vehicle’s paint and body from the elements. This technology not only helps protect the vehicle’s paint and body, but it comes in black, white and clear, giving consumers the ability to create a temporary customization. You can add racing stripes down the center of the car for that instant racer look or cheer on your favorite sports team by creating stencils showing your spirit on the hood of your car. For more information about Armor All products visit www.armorall.com.

Better Life Technology

Better Life Technology (BLT)/Highlight your car while beautifying your garage—or car show space. BLT has created a process to imbed detailed graphics directly into poly-vinyl, assuring that the graphics last virtually as long as the vinyl. BLT’s Parking Pads looks like they were painted on! Except that with these pads, there are no pain staking preparations required, or time consuming curing time. The floor simply rolls out and lies flat creating a beautiful, rich space that complements and showcases your car and available in three sizes (10×20, 7.5×17, and 5×10 feet). They are easy to maintain, 100-percent recyclable, and made in the U.S.A. For more information on BLT and its new Parking Pads, call 913.894.0403 or go to www.bltllc.com

CFR Performance

CFR Performance/ Chrome Billet Optima Battery Trays for the Optima Group 35 Batteries. These trays are 11¾x7¾ inches wide and 6¾ inches tall. These are available in both smooth and ball-milled finishes. This tray fits red, yellow, or blue top of the appropriate group batteries. To learn more about this and other CFR products look them up at www.cfrperformance.com.


Continental/ ContiSportContact 5 P The latest innovation from the Continental experts. A high performance tire that offers maximum safety and driving pleasure for highly tuned cars. The ContiSportContact 5 P is individually adjusted to meet the specific requirements of the front and rear axle positions. With precise steering and maximum grip under all conditions the vehicle’s perform to their full potential on the road. The ContiSportContact 5 P doesn’t only go fast—it stops fast too. It is therefore recommended by leading experts. The ContiSportContact 5 P is available in a range of sizes from 18 inch upwards with a Speed index ZR, rim diameter in inches 18-23, tire width 225-325 and tire series 40-25.