The Details:

  • Protects car paint from harsh elements
  • $16.99 per can and comes in black, white or clear
  • Can last up to three months before recoating
  • Perfect for brand new cars and DIY projects at home

For the past 50 years Armorall has been committed to making the best automobile cleaning products. With so many years in experience Armorall has been a household name in car care products and is proud to announce its newest product the Armor All Custom Shield Coating. The new Custom Shield Coating eliminates the need for an ugly car bra that covers the car’s nose. It’s perfect against harsh elements on a road trip or a place with lots of sun. However we found that this product does more than just that.

Two of the biggest concerns we’ve found when we’re on the road is dealing with rock chips damaging our mirrors or having to clean dried up bugs and road grime off of our chrome trim and bumpers. However no longer will we have to deal with such inconveniences. Just apply Custom Shield Coating to provide a barrier to protect your car from rocks, bugs, grime, and road debris and keep it looking new. Armor All Custom Shield Coating provides spray-on and peel-off protection that’s safe for all automotive finishes and is available in four finishes, clear, white, black and gray.

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